User originality: the People's Liberation Army No. Zheng Yu-class strategic nuclear submarine program motherships

Planes can take off and land on deck Sina military CG Forum tulips and 900 users for the People's Liberation Army designed a strategic nuclear submarine aircraft carriers, named Zheng name, grade level for the plume. The implication is that return

Nuclear submarine equipped with a rear carrier strategic missile silo Mother submarine equipped with a tail of the 36 strategic nuclear missiles silos, submarine-launched strategic ballistic missiles could be launched to create a strong second nucl

Side view of the nuclear submarine aircraft carriers Fully enclosed hangar is expected to set the volume for the 40 aircraft carrier-based aircraft, five anti-submarine helicopters, three unmanned AWACS, which is taking off and landing on both side

Surface state of the nuclear submarine aircraft carriers Potential mother can lift the front end with the missile launchers can be fired on the air, such as anti-ship missile (also according to the situation with other missiles), when the underwate

Side view of Chinese-made nuclear submarine aircraft carriers Mounted on both sides of the mother are four conventional submarines can be mounted in accordance with the number of levels to increase the size and characteristics of conventional subma

Carriers on both sides of the nuclear submarine docked four nuclear submarines could be Because of the international countries under the influence of the economic crisis, ready to make trouble for the transfer of internal contradictions, the dispu

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Bullshit, just a fake ass star trek type of shit. Think the Chinese military must be hooked up on watching sci-fi movies too much.

This, whilst being an interesting military concept, would not, cannot work. Because:

It is massive, probably oil-tanker sort of size. Because it is so big, it would have a relatively shallow crush depth, which defeats the whole point of a 'boomer'. Firstly, boomers like to stay deep, the strategic job of the boomer is to stay hidden, not cling on to a flipping submersible aircraft carrier. Secondly, could you really join 4 of those things to something else. Bommers are freaking massive. What's the point in a submersible aircraft carrier. If it surfaces, the deck will be too wet to effectively launch aircraft. And also, the idea of a carrier is 'forward force projection'. It is supposed to be seen. I t is supposed to be seen. That thing couldnt submerge very deep without serious mettalurgical technology. Even titanium is much too expensive. It cannot be built, at least for what it would cost. As for a weapon, it wouldnt get very far. It would stick out like a sore thumb on aircraft Magnetic anomoly Detecetors. Just could not work

This submarine or more correctly the concept of this submarine is impossible to work. Firstly it is impossible to have a submersibble aircraft carrier , the size itself makes it unworkable. Secondly the runways on both the sides of the centrally situated hanger is an undigestible idea. Thirdly where is the need of an submersible aircraft carrier in the era of supersonic anti aircraft missiles. Fourthly even if this gigantic mothership is ever built(I really wish it is built, would be a real technological advancement)it would be more of a soft target for hunter killers than of any strategic use. lastly the role of submarines is to surface fire missiles and quickly submerge. By the looks of the thing even if this mothership surfaces in the middle of a hostile ocean it will take too much time to open those hanger doors, unfold the aircraft wings, the planes to take off, the hanger doors to close, and the massive mother ship to again vanish under the surface.It seems to be a completely unfeasable concept. The bottomline is that it is a good concept and let it be just a concept forever.


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I think this is the best submarine aircraft carrier design I have ever seen, I myself design submaine aircraft carriers (SAC).
Who-ever has his in their navy probally would dominate the worlds oceans, I like the fact that it is also an attack SAC aswell. There was a comment about the runway being to wet for take off but on my SAC designs I have designed them so that they have a draining system and a heated runway so that it would be dry after surfacing. And also if the runway is too wet then you could use VTOL airctaft like the F-35 lightning II this aircraft would be best. because it has short take off and vertical landing, helicopters and drones and cruise missiles could be deployed making this the best weapon in the history of naval warfare, I love its defence with 4attack subs. my SAC design is smaller and is only designed to carry about 4 aircraft and 2 helicopters which would be used for deploying extraction (Heli) and pressision bombing(Jets) also I have designed my SAC to have torpedo and 2 cruise missile launchers. My design is smaller therfore requires saddle ballast tanks on the outside to accomidate more space inside, but yer I love this design I am going to work on more SAC designs. I design submarine aircraft carriers, rockets, launch vehicles and more, I am working on a sky carrier a aircraft carrier that will fly is it possible I will find out, therfore a skycarrier woulden't be made for at least 200 years time if needed that is. yes great design of SAC.

The best thing for this Submarine Aircraft carrier (SAC) to do would be a normal aircraft carrier sailing into a hostile area as it is (surfaced) then in the heat of battle ''attack'' then submerge. The aircraft would only be used in a suprise attack with this SAC having the first move.
So basically this SAC would just be a normal aircraft carrier but with the ability to submerge itself for cover. This SAC could also stay still underwater and wait. It would be the perfect weapon to use if you were going to attack something with a large amount of aircraft that you sneak under the enemy and unleash your hell.

The only downfall is that a submarine aircraft carrier would be on the enemies number one hit list so it would have to well defended with lots of support and countermeasures also it would be so big that sonar would be able to detect it so you would have to sort the sonar issue out. you could have a sonar jammer on board which would make the SAC apear in a different place than accually it is somewhere else so the enemy would think you are here when accually you are over there. Great design

Check out my design: http://s1132.photobucket.com/home/Hillier25

Depth isn't so much of an issue so long as it can get deep enough to avoid satellite detection. Also, the water residue after re-surfacing would pose minor, if any issue. After all, planes do launch from wet airfields all the time. The ability to hide and move any vessel with the fire power of an air-craft carrier would be a tactical advantage for any country. Conversely, the risk of losing a vessel of that might would be an issue. It's a lot easier to sink a submerged vessel.

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lastly the role of submarines is to surface fire missiles and quickly submerge. speech recognition software

Best ever made target for any old soviet acoustic torpedo... and probably NATO torpedo as well.