Emergency situation: the two early-warning aircraft of PLA have been stationed in Changbai Mountain,China

June 8 Hong Kong media said that the Chinese military authorities to strengthen the collection of foreign military intelligence, will be scheduled to be completed three years of restoration work in Changbai Mountain Airport shortened to 16 months to complete, and in November this year in the airport flight test a new type of early warning aircraft.

Taiwan's Central News Agency reported that the Information Center pointed out that only 300 kilometers away from the Sea of Japan, the Changbai Mountain Airport, in July 2006 Fusong Baishan City in Jilin Province to start, the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, scheduled for completion in three years the airport, but As the North Korea nuclear test, the Chinese authorities will be completed one year ahead of Changbai Mountain Airport was opened in July 2008.

Taiwan's Central News Agency Information Center has learned that from the beginning of June this year, the latest electronic early-warning aircraft in 2000 the People's Liberation Army has been stationed, according to witnesses, the presence of at least two! According to the aircraft performance, the Chinese military can fully monitor North Korea South Korea, and the dynamics of U.S. forces in Korea!

Information Center, said the current China-North Korea in Jilin People's Liberation Army along the border and there is no military airports, military deployment in the Changbai Mountain Airport early warning aircraft and electronic reconnaissance aircraft will enable Air China to fly in the shortest time possible Sino-Korean border, strengthen the collection of the North Korea missile launch , US-Japan naval activities in the Sea of Japan, the Republic of Korea Navy's activities in the shoreline, as well as the Russian naval base in Vladivostok activities. The source said the Chinese border guards at the same time there is no sign of abnormal mobilization.
According to the "Han and defense review" has earlier indicated that, in order to improve the air early warning and command and control capabilities, the PLA Air Group is working with a co-operation in the Y-8 transport aircraft based on the development of a medium-early-warning aircraft, it is believed that the aircraft used with the United States similar to the performance of E-2C early-warning radar.

Reported that it will work with the introduction of Russian-made A-50 early warning aircraft and its small number of domestic-type, and a US-made E-3A aircraft performance is similar to the formation of large-scale early-warning aircraft with high-low, while the latter is the scheme core, it is reported that it contained the platform was quite possible that China's own production of Y-10 aircraft.

Reported that China is developing early-warning aircraft and the introduction of the A-50, together, they will be used in Russia, based on the use of technology to improve Israel's air data links and transmission bus, the system has the advantage of being even in the strong electromagnetic interference environment, but also early-warning aircraft and fighter jets to achieve two-way data exchange, in order to effectively command and guide the introduction of the Soviet Union in China -30, -27 and Su Jian China -11, -10 F to win air supremacy fighter, and guide the chain with the air data system aircraft to attack ground and sea targets.
Rand Corporation United States assessment of the plan pointed out that these types of early warning aircraft, once the official armed forces, will become the People's Liberation Army Air Force and Naval Air Force advanced combat power multiplier fighters in the next five to ten years, China will establish an effective early warning air and command and control system, making it and its neighboring countries in the comparison of air power, in a very advantageous position.

In addition, the use of Changbai Mountain Airport, but also no early warning aircraft from China Siping, Jilin Province, Liaoning Province, Anshan Airport, such as military, not only to quickly arrive in the Sino-North Korea border, but also because of significantly shortening the journey, thus reducing the chances of accident, etc..

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