U.S. military mobilization to deal with a large number of submarines, 31 new Chinese submarines in service

U.S. Navy Los Angeles class nuclear submarine docked at the pier

China's latest 094 nuclear submarine capable of launching nuclear bombs

According to the United States, "Honolulu Advertiser" reported on May 4, a few days ago, the U.S. Navy, "Los Angeles" class nuclear attack, "Jacksonville" No. Pearl Harbor via the Panama Canal, arrived in Hawaii, it became the latest one from the Atlantic submarines to the Pacific. In 2006 the United States announced the "Quadrennial Defense Review Report", by the end of this year, the U.S. military have attacked 53 of the 31 nuclear submarines will be deployed in the Pacific.

From "cold" into the "heated"

"Jacksonville" tall Commander Major Dole said that the whole crew came to the romantic desire to Hawaii service, long-term work in the cold waters of the suppression of emotion is, "to the warm waters now, we no longer need to wear is called 'pumpkin bag' orange winter clothes, in the deck do not have to wear a protective mask. "In his view, the U.S. Navy to the Pacific focused on the deployment of nuclear submarines to help in the Asia-Pacific to maintain a strong military presence; nuclear attack against the other countries not only of conventional submarines, aircraft carrier battle groups to protect themselves, but also the secret monitoring of the country such as China.

Pearl Harbor is an important base for the U.S. Navy, the total 1 / 3 to prepare the submarines stationed here. Sea Systems Command, according to the U.S. military revealed that from February 20 this year, Pearl Harbor, the beginning of the implementation of a cost of 25 million U.S. dollars of construction projects, for water, compressed air and welding gases to provide permanent facilities for the distribution to the large number of nuclear submarines for maintenance. In the coming years, the transformation of the Pearl Harbor-based investment plan totaling about 800 million U.S. dollars.

The transfer of U.S. nuclear submarines to the Pacific in order to "Virginia" and "Los Angeles" class-based, the former not only the depths of the ocean activities, but also the implementation of invasive potential enemy coastal reconnaissance and assault, is the backbone of the future submarine force. In addition, the modified end of the four "Ohio"-class cruise missile submarine (SSGN) has also been deployed to Guam, the boat is equipped with 154 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, which claims to have "a week to destroy a country," the ability of .

Say that the Chinese submarine fleet "bad people"

On the nuclear submarine "cluster" phenomenon in the Pacific, the former U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary, the incumbent left-wing think tank "Center for American Progress," analyst Lawrence Cobb said: "China is a rising maritime power. If you re - take a look at the Atlantic end of the Cold War situation, you will find that there will not have any trouble. "

U.S. Naval War College professor, specializes in the issue of the Chinese Navy Andrew Eriksson stressed that, in order to keep energy, China is committed to strengthening the combat capability underwater. In fact, between 1995 to 2005, China has been 31 new submarines in service.Assuming this rate continues, China will, in its coastal form the world's most terrible underwater fleet group, "This will cause some psychological pressure on the United States, in the waters near Taiwan, the U.S. ships would be very uncomfortable."

Western analysts claim that the April 23 military parade Qingdao sea of the world understand the intention of China's maritime strategy, large-scale emergence of the People's Liberation Army of the submarine force in particular, shocked the outside world. Eriksson pointed out that the most confidential of the Chinese Navy 093 and 094 nuclear attack submarine ballistic missile as an example, consider that the 093 will go a long way to broaden the scope of the Chinese navy's operations, and may even become a real basis for the blue water navy power. 094 will be to China's nuclear deterrence and nuclear counterattack ability to a new level, you can let the crisis in Beijing in a more proactive position to occupy.

Concerned about how the Chinese submarine

In fact, the U.S. Navy is also concerned about how China's own value and role of the submarine - "Only clear how other people think, we can know how to do that." In recent years, the U.S. military publications frequently cited Chinese media articles relating to the submarine, with a view to provide for their own support strategies.

The United States, "Journal of the Navy War College," had an interview with Chinese media quoted the two China's "father of nuclear submarines," the report, these remarks as the Chinese Navy on nuclear submarines in particular the use of the submarine's position. Chinese Navy nuclear-powered experts Peng shilu in "Modern ships" magazine, said: "The main advantage of nuclear power, high speed, equipment and personnel for carrying capacity, large-scale deployment capabilities, and excellent ability to cover ... ... the scope of their operations is very broad, so the most suitable to meet the security needs of major powers. " Americans also noted that the Central Party School's publication also conducted an interview with Peng Chen, the article said: "the nuclear propulsion system of the great advantages is that conventional propulsion systems can not match."

In addition, talking about the reasons to support the development of nuclear submarines, the Chinese architect of the first generation of nuclear submarines Huang xuhua of "weapons of knowledge" magazine explained that the high-speed nuclear submarines for the successful implementation of long-range deployment is crucial. Due to the lack of overseas bases in China, which means that, in order to achieve a certain impact on a range of blue-water navy, the submarine will become the foundation.

It is clear that Americans from China's official report that the - the overall strength of the Chinese Navy in the case of weak, as the backbone to develop an underwater submarine assault force is of decisive significance. Professor Andrew Erickson said, "the Chinese Navy submarines do not give up the pursuit of high standards, we should not be taken lightly."

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