The Shanghai special police officer counter-terrorism drilling implementation vehicle roof moves fire

The special police officer moves on the vehicles fire
The sniper gathers fine gets back one's composure the aiming goal

In special police officer cloud of smoke float over attacks fast

The sniper hides the combat

The armored vehicle shield attacks

Attacks the group to coordinate the advancement

"People's Armed Police Daily" on May 6 reported that passes through the hanging bridge, the profound thick patch of grass to hide the ambush, the special operations forces vehicle roof movement fire, the flames of war gunsmoke brave vanguard fully armed ......The picture which this is recently the armed police Shanghai unit nine crews carried on a counter-terrorism which place trains suddenly. This crew unifies the load the duty reality, under unceasing Reinforced unit habit condition's counter-terrorism place trains suddenly, enhances the army to carry out the diverse task ability, forges the counter-terrorism place armored hand diligently suddenly.

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