China will promote in two hours to bomb the global goal the Huaxia spatial-day fighter plane

The Chinese authoritative astronautics expert, academician Zhuang fenggan disclosed that China has been carrying on the spatial day flight vehicle's research and development.

Moreover, subordinates in the China Aviation Industry Corporation I's Xi'an Yan Good Structural testing Base, estimated that will undertake the spatial day flight vehicle's experimental duty. Before this means 2010, China or will carry on the spatial day flight vehicle experiment.

Zhuang fenggan believed that develops the spatial day flight vehicle, is the most important spatial day weapon platform.

The Hong Kong "Wenhui Daily" reported that the spatial day flight vehicle is called the aerospace vehicle, is can fromBy travels between and is redundant the use between the deep space and the atmosphere the flight vehicle.

The Chinese Aerospace industry “the highly respected person” level expert Zhuang Fenggan is mainland China proposed publicly for the first time must develop the spatial day flight vehicle's expert.

Xi'an Test base test flight

The US present test flight spaceplane, the mainland had said that it is “the oncoming force is fierce, in two hours bomb global any goal”. The Indian aspect also announced that this country research and development's supersonic spaceplane will carry on the initial flight test at the end of 2009.

Academician Zhuang fenggan stressed that although the spatial day flight vehicle may take the weapon platform, but China peaceful use outer space resources' policy will not change.
The other day held in the seminar, Zhuang Fenggan once pointed out that the spatial day flight vehicle's development involved China to empty Tianan entire, its characteristic was the high velocity, high mobile, the high stealth and the long range. the spatial day flight vehicle contour which researches and develops as for China, Zhuang fenggan had not disclosed. In addition, Zhuang Fenggan also indicated that compares with the current flight vehicle, regardless of the spatial day flight vehicle can be second to none in the contour or the function.   

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