Chinese experts: the Vietnamese Navy is very fragile in the face of the Chinese navy

Vietnam Navy Pier on the "poisonous spider"-class missile boats

Vietnam will introduce six Russian Kilo-class submarines of the news, once again the Western media's attention to this controversial South China Sea waters. Fox News Network that the United States, Viet Nam to introduce "Kilo" submarines, coastal defense capability will enhance the future of Sino-Vietnamese conflict, once at sea, the Chinese navy may no longer prevail. However, experts on the Chinese Navy, "Global Times" reporter said that a powerful navy, instead of relying on the introduction of several pieces of advanced equipment will be able to do so, Vietnam remains a Navy shore-based naval defense, with the powerful position of the Navy far.

Vietnam to spend 1.8 billion U.S. dollars to buy a submarine

The end of last month, the Russian admiral shipyard in St. Petersburg official, Vietnam will be purchasing six Russian "Kilo" class conventional submarines, and in 2009 is expected to deliver in 2010.

"Kilo" class submarine is a popular international arms market, Russia has been sold to 29 countries. During the Cold War, Vietnam, that is eager to purchase from the Soviet Union, "Kilo" class submarines, after years of consultations, wishes come true. The total amount of arms purchase 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for half the annual defense budget can be described as generous.

U.S. network Fox News reported that on the 7th, the introduction of the submarine in Vietnam, is to transfer the signal to the Chinese, "This is Vietnam to China's rise in the region and the coast of Vietnam near the nuclear submarine base on Hainan Island building a clear response. They will have help to protect the sovereignty of Vietnam requested the South China Sea, and to prevent other countries around the 2,000-mile coastline. "

Submarines will enhance the coastal defense

United Kingdom, "Jane's Defense Review," that, with increasing investment in recent years, Vietnam has a strong naval coastal defense capability. At present, the total strength of the Vietnamese Navy's around 5 million people along the coast under the jurisdiction of Military Region 4, with various types of vessels 120 warships. With the economic development in Vietnam, the Navy has received a number of advanced equipment.

Shipyard for conversion is the "Kilo" class submarine

In addition to the purchase of submarines from Russia, by 2015, Vietnam received from the Russian navy will also be two 11,661-type frigate, a set of assembly, "Ruby" supersonic anti-ship missiles of the shore-based missile system. 11,661 of which type, "cheetah" frigate 3.9 developed for Russia's latest warship with a displacement of 2100 tons, equipped with a 76 mm primary guns, six 30 mm guns, and eight with a range of 130 kilometers of the Kh-35 " Uranus "anti-ship missiles, a set of air defense weapon system. "Jane's Defense Review," that although Vietnam has no nuclear submarines, there is no "Chinese Aegis" destroyers, the same can not be like China, the construction of aircraft carrier, but it has the equipment in the coastal waters of the anti-ship combat capability but with the same equipment . Again if the Sino-Vietnamese naval clashes in the South China Sea, Vietnam occupied the place may not be lost to the Chinese navy.

Fox News Network has also analyzed the history of Sino-Vietnamese naval conflict in the past. The article said that March 14, 1988, the Sino-Vietnamese naval brief exchange of fire in the South China Sea, the Chinese people were injured in a small price to sink more ships made two and to re-l vessels victory. There is no doubt that the Chinese Navy is now more than ever, more powerful, but if the Chinese navy in 2012 in the coming hastily into the territory of Vietnam Navy, may not be as rapid as 20 years ago win. Where it is difficult to detect in China may face the Russian submarines, aircraft carriers to fight against the long-range supersonic anti-ship missiles and artillery fired a high-speed advanced stealth frigates. As China's first two years of fighting the spread of the network scenario, the Chinese navy may be in a new round of Sino-Vietnamese conflict, lost at sea.

Vietnam, the introduction of several new drugs, one of Spider-III-class missile boats

The existence of bottlenecks in the Navy in Vietnam

Although the Western media continue to play up the combat capability of the Vietnamese Navy, but naval experts Li Jie of China, "Global Times" reporter said that Vietnam's significance of the military procurement is mainly made up for the lack of arms and equipment, greatly enhanced operational capability underwater. However, in the present and for a long period of time, the Navy's combat effectiveness in Vietnam is still very limited. After the end of the Vietnam War, the U.S. military as a result of receiving a large number of legacy equipment and the assistance of the Soviet Union, coupled with years of honing the war, Vietnam has been claimed to be "the world's third military power." However, due to decades of war damage, with problems in the domestic economy and military power failed to uphold the long title, in particular the combat capability of the Navy is still very limited. Vietnamese Navy's active main battle equipment, the vast majority of the 20th century, the Soviet Union's military assistance 70-80, or 40 of the United States during the 20th century, the production equipment. Ships in active service in Vietnam, carrying the arms to the main guns of various calibres, and only 2 displacement of 110 tons of mini-submarines. Although the Navy in Vietnam has introduced some advanced equipment, but is far from supporting the formation of the combat capability of the system, in the absence of advanced reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, command and control systems and electronic warfare systems support, the Vietnamese introduced to maximize the submarine is difficult combat effectiveness, the existence of bottlenecks and the Navy's short-board in the system before the full power of the Navy, is still very fragile.

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It would be a mistake to underestimate the Vietnamese military. In the last century alone they fought, in succession, Japan, France, the United States (+ South Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand) and China, defeating the later three.

Well it's best to not underestimate anyone.

The 2nd and 3rd countries/groups you mentioned had tonnes of Chinese help, so really I think what you said is kind of... not true.

The 1979 conflict woke China up to the need of a modern military.

What you should have said is "you should not underestimate the Vietnamese navy", in which case everyone in the world would laugh.

Of course, Chinese and Russian aid helped the Vietnamese defeat France and the US, but those wars were not won through aid alone. Would we dare say that Russian, British and Chinese victories during World War II were not real victories because they received considerable American aid (there are some Americans who would say so)?

There is something to be said a nation that can continue fighting for more than 30 years against much more powerful enemies.

It's one thing to sit back and give aid, another to bear the brunt of the fighting. Some Americans recently seem to have forgotten this, sometimes I fear some Chinese do to.

Well,the Vietnamese military shouldn't is underestimated.The expert's viewpoint domestic encountered the netizen in China to oppose
generally. The expert's viewpoint is really psycholagny.

Well Chinese only supplied political support during the Vietnam war. China nor Russia supplied any troop support so it was the Vietnamese people that won those wars against the French and the US. Vietnam is the only country who has successfully defeated defeated two western countries and numerous invasions by China. China has always demanded an apology from Japan but they never apologize for continuing to invade Vietnam. Chinese people would say that Vietnamese people are violent but yet China has been aggressive one. When has Vietnam every invaded China? Did Vietnam go into China in 1979?

If claimed that Chinese, and Russian didn't send their troops to help North Vietnam durring the war, it is incorrected. In fact, Chinese has involved into Vietnamese's policies for thousand years. More closer, the Chinese army was presentd at Dien Bien Phu's battle field; and their pilots, including North Korean pilots had fought with the American pilots on the sky of the North Vietnam durring the conflic. At present, there are about five hundred thousand Chinese advisors working in VN. To my point of view, the Chinese try to destroy Vietnam in any level.

In the history and in today the Vietnamese people never call for any war. The people never pround on their military force and never want to use any weapon to kill anyone. They fought just because the ennemies stroke them. We call justice and peace to every one, to every nation. But never underestimate the Vietnamese! All of them born to be a native strategist, to be a native tactical men and women, to be a native skilled warrior in any war...

- remember.. "great ground force"- Chinese PLA were beaten by "small" japan , lost 1 millions -killed by US in korean war but result now south korean exists..in 1979 lost 50.000 killed in only 3 weeks -failed to force Viet regular from cambodia. The result viets ended Murder chinese-polpot forever- vietnamese Hunsen-cambodian leader is still in power..Doing SELF CHINESE A.Q MARTUBATION is not ONLY LITERATURE but.. CHINESE TRADITIONAL CULTURE and PSYCHOLOGY. but that can not help china to win in real battle

For what i know the best information i can get and coment.

The military is vietnam Navy is getting modern and chinese need to push up there modern Navy if thats provided most of the money really go to Navy not to somewhere else.

Going back to History. Weell china and Russia did help Vietnamese Military towards USA and French. You think suddnely Vietnamese have all the traning and military equipment over nights. As if the military man can reproduced as they dead and heavy injury can replace that fast. Come on.

French lose the battle and lose the war because the general is stupid and simple as that. Until today French Army is embrass of the lose of Vietnam.

2) Vietnam war with USA is no a fair game. US cannot cross over to North Vietnam but the North can cross over to South Vietnamese. If any USA troops cross over China and Russia will delcare war on USA. And USA have a lesson from Korea War.

Sino Vietnam vs China is a really wake up call to China on the military. They need to up grade the troops. Beside China general is not concern lose on human lives. Cause they have that a lot of troops.lol

any way war is always bad idea but i am sure Vietnam is very careful with China after 1979 war. But i am sure some where Vietnam a stupid general wanted to revenge on the 1979 war with China.


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...If China can't compete directly with USA then it should apply it's expansionism else where, not southward into Vietnam, both land and sea. Given to the fact that US failure of vn war, thousand years fending off China and recently Sino-vn war, VN is not easy to be conquerred...Otherwise, history will repeat itself when time comes....Who said China doesn't need "lessons" to learn????

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Its a mistake for China to go to war with anyone at the moment, save your $$$ to control the Indian, Pakis,Korea ....

I agree. China should not mess with anyone unless they really want to reduce there enormous population :D

"you should not underestimate the Vietnamese navy"
Well, i don't really believe it. Vietnam is weakening day by day. Its system is rottening and i can say that Vietnam is very "sick" right now.

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