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Chinese Red Flag 12 missile

About China's 26th Electronics Technology Group Corporation Institute:

First, the basic situation

26th China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, also known as the Sichuan Institute of Piezoelectric and Acousto-Optic Research Institute.

26 the existing 887 workers, of whom more than half of technical personnel, research fellow class of 15 senior engineers. 2007, 26 to achieve 350 million yuan of total revenue.

26 has a surface acoustic wave technology, inertial vibration technology, acousto-optic technology, sound body wave microwave technology, the new functional ceramic materials and devices, piezoelectric and acousto-optical crystal materials and their processing technology, such as the six professional. More than 2,000 square meters of existing standards of the two micro-electronics production line, annual production capacity of approximately 3,000,000 of the surface acoustic wave devices, components; a North Finder production lines, annual output of more than Taiwan, North Finder sets, gyroscopes inertial instruments, etc., components. China's 26 Piezoelectric acousto-optic technology with the strongest, most solid basis for research and development units.

In 2003, 26, was awarded the "military research and production of advanced electronic components unit"; 1 National "May 1" Labor Medal. 2005, was awarded the "military-industrial electronic construction project management advanced unit", "Shenzhou VI" manned space flight mission active units, six were first, second and third class; 1 were the honorary title of national model workers. 2006, was awarded the "quality of military activities in advanced electronics unit," "project 934 advanced collectives"; "on the 7th Shenzhou" manned space flight mission meritorious unit won six first, second and third class. 2007, by the assembly of five ministries and commissions, such as "high-tech weapons and equipment outstanding contributions to the development of construction projects awarded."

Second, military research and production

26 have successfully developed thousands of specifications of SAW filters, SAW oscillators, SAW delay lines, surface acoustic wave, such as direct frequency synthesizer signal processing devices and a variety of components, intermediate frequency and microwave devices components; piezo rate gyro, piezoelectric accelerometers, micro-machined vibratory gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscopes, hemispheric and vibration gyro inertial devices and systems; sound body wave delay line and microwave components; piezoelectric ceramic filters, special crystal filters, LC filters, laminated ceramic micro-displacement, double the chip-type actuators, ultrasonic transducers, piezoelectric ceramic transformers, PTC heating temperature films, the absorption of small surge arrester; acousto-optic deflectors, acousto-optic modulators, acousto-optic tunable filter; piezoelectric and acousto-optical crystal materials, such as thousands of types of research tasks.

"Tenth Five-Year" period, a total of 26 assembly to assume the military issued a research trial of electronic components more than 230 projects for aviation, aerospace, electronics, ships, weapons and other members of the Group of major military units and other military support units to provide various types of products more than 12 pieces / sets; "Eleventh Five-Year" has assumed the ordered assembly of military electronic components more than 180 research & development projects, the commitment to develop cross-cutting task of a hundred, a variety of products to provide more than just 4 / sets. Project involves the HQ-8, HQ-16A, 048 works, HQ-12 reform, DF series, EW, YJ Series, 095 works, 921 works, the armed forces chain of integrated data systems, Tactical Internet, H6K, J-10 and other key models project.

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