War is not far away,China,Are you ready?

The face of world financial crisis, the world situation facing the re-shuffle in the world financial crisis, the one who is quite to the end the final winner, who will in the future to seize the initiative in the world. Faced with China's rise and decline of the United States, China and the United States either to coexist, or down one. East China Sea and South China Sea case has amply demonstrated that the United States are not willing to China's rise and decline of their own, clearly tell China, the United States can be all over the deterioration of China's environment, cut off the lifeline of China's maritime force the Chinese into submission, their pay, on This Japan and Southeast Asia have stood a good team selection to the United States. Down with China, Japan can shake off the crisis in one fell swoop, to become Asia's hegemon, has willingly become the vanguard of anti-China.
Chinese how to do this? The face of the United States, Japan and Southeast Asia, the provocation, China plunged into a very embarrassing position, fought, and Chinese all over the immediate deterioration of the environment, maritime lifeline was cut, and a peaceful environment no longer exist, the normal economic development has been disrupted, Europe, Russia, India lining up surrounded by the enemy is bound to become the first country fallen. Ting for the final to become the final winner, China must learn from the lessons of World War II Japan, bear with the situation and tighten the fist, the focus of the westward movement, dumping the nation in helping to build the "three lines", vigorously develop the military industry, in particular, is to strengthen the Air Force building, not The United States first and the outbreak of war, to sell all of the United States treasury bonds and assets, support, and United all the anti-American forces and accelerate the decline of the United States, engage in inter-American. The purpose of return to the negotiating table, exit the West Pacific. Chinese Well you prepare it?

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I'm an American living in the United States. I'm not sure where this blog is written, but it has provided me with some very interesting late night humor. I know our nations and cultures are very far apart, and we seem to have some hidden animosity towards each other, but i would love for us to cooperate.

I plan on entering the military of the United States soon, and thus the literature on our defense industry and our military leadership/strategy has become a niche subject for me.

Its very interesting to see how similar our blogs and commentary are to yours. One of our most popular blogs "Defense Review" has a similar hawkish interpretation towards conflict between our nations. I honestly hope that this doesn't come to pass; our cultures and civilizations can learn much from each other without resorting to conflict. Both of our societies have grown great in recent years, and it would be a shame to demolish them over simple national pride, economics, or border disputes.

I wish you peace and luck. I hope that we can bond over the fact that both our military forces are really freaking cool, and it would be a travesty to destroy so much awesome stuff over petty squabbles.