Very accurate: U.S. territorial waters, has become the enemy of the back garden

November 1946, a naval officer named Linzun compliance led four ships starting from the Guangdong Humen, into the depths of the South China Sea. Success in the War of Resistance against Japan after the completion of this naval fleet is stationed in the Xisha and Nansha Islands to receive the historical mission. Since then, Chinese military personnel in the Xisha, Taiping Island tree monument of modern Chinese first exercise of sovereignty over the South China Sea islands.
Of course, everyone knows that Chinese sovereignty in the South China Sea at the natural history of dust and smoke in non-stop by interference and questioned. Even in a lot of time, such interference can only be resolved through war to resolve. At the recent two sessions, from the People's Liberation Army representatives to local representatives, there is a lot of people raised the issue of sovereignty over the South China Sea, proposals and remarks on the South China Sea concerns the intensity of the problem is indeed rare. And the like in order to objectively confirm this concern, in the course of two sessions, the United States reconnaissance ships and Chinese ships in the South China Sea have taken place in direct confrontation.
This trust between ships of different countries in the South China Sea is not the first confrontation. But China and the United States ship naming little confrontation. At least in the United States in 2001 after the collision in the South China Sea, it is rarely seen from the south of the country reported between major powers. But the media does not mean that on the calm waves of harmony. At the United States Department of Defense boasted after the Sino-US friction in the South China Sea, the United States will continue to engage in surveillance activities in the South China Sea, which at least two aspects.
On the one hand, the South China Sea has become the great power forward position of global interests. From the EP-3 reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea to China's intelligence and reconnaissance, monitoring of ships at sea now frequent activity, the South China Sea has become quite a number of countries to detect and constraints on China's frontier. Its surface of a broad, deep waters, the benefits of the complex, it is big country a golden opportunity to reach out to encroach on; the other hand, with China's development, the South China Sea on the ship through many more and more, the growing demand for petroleum exploration strengthened the sovereignty of the South China Sea to exercise demands even more urgent.
A long time, the Chinese in the disputed South China Sea region are consistently uphold the principle of "shelving disputes and seeking common development." This is mainly the development of China's peaceful diplomacy decide the route, of course, there is no lack of the Navy was slow to develop our country, in the exercise of sovereignty over the South China Sea embarrassment. But with China's development and strengthen the international responsibility of the South China Sea has become the rise of China can not avoid the threshold. At least so far, our sovereignty in the waters that has not changed, but more should be enhanced. And the exercise of sovereignty over the way although not hard to saber-rattling, but should also be in line with China's diplomacy surrounding required. Chinese to be able to dispatch the fleet exercise of the Gulf of Aden international duty, then the more reason in the South China Sea are at least maintain a stable and peaceful situation. If a country at the rise of the threshold on aphasia, it is not only unable to set bounds to the biggest rise of barriers across the same can not be the rise of self-psychology.
China to become a big country, is indeed beyond the threshold of a number of technical and psychological threshold. South China Sea is such a focus on the development strategies and the development of mental focus. At the historical tradition of the Chinese nation, the selves, depending on the border areas such as national life has been a sacred, this sacred whether a country's future continue and derivatives, will decide the future of this nation's living space.

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