Sino-US confrontation in the South China Sea, as the U.S. for its military presence in the South China Sea looking for an excuse!

March 8, the U.S. military at flagrant ocean monitoring vessels entering the South China Sea waters, exclusive economic zones in China to carry out detection, acquisition and other "illegal activities", was a concerted effort to drive my military and civilian ships. After that, the United States first filed the wicked, alleging that its navy to monitor the ship was surrounded by five Chinese vessels harassment. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out such a shameless act severely refuted, colleagues warned the United States to respect Chinese sovereignty over the oceans. At the same time, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi held initial talks told reporters that the United States will work with China to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents. Naval confrontation between the U.S. case for military presence in the South China Sea provided an excuse

The incident happened, the world media attention on this case was sudden and puzzling, one after another to speculate the intention of the United States, and some think the United States are testing the Chinese navy at the tactical, and some think the United States in collecting intelligence ... ... Chinese nuclear submarines are not on the . The media and netizens about the South China Sea in Sino-US naval confrontation analysis is wrong! ! The United States, "Virginia to the Herald" reported March 12, Wednesday sent a U.S. Navy destroyer, in order to continue the implementation of the South China Sea in China, "monitoring mission" of the country's "perfect" to monitor its escort vessels. An official from the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed on the 11th, the U.S. Navy, "Chung-Hoon" destroyer set sail on the same day to the South China Sea in order to continue to monitor the activities of the "perfect" to monitor its escort vessels. The official said, "Chung-Hoon" are closely watching the number of "perfect" number. What is the purpose of the U.S. military really? Initially criticized by the Chinese ship harassment until today to send warships to "escort", bringing us finally to understand that the Americans wanted a military presence in the South China Sea! U.S. forces are proud of, warships standoff case provided an excuse for them! !

This is not an isolated case, it and, more recently, the East China Sea, the South China Sea occurred in a series of violations of our country's sea power case closely, first Diaoyu Islands, a small Japanese American father thigh tightly clinging tightly, simply put the Diaoyu Islands into the scope of Japan-US security treaty , to defend the Diaoyu Islands. When the Chinese to the United States to clarify the truth, the United States population are non-cardiac, vague. Look at the South China Sea, Vietnam, the Philippines and other villains Malays, especially the Philippines, and the United States have been close for a long time there is no military cooperation between the two but not the sound of the wind, in fact, they do not idle, has been secretly Yankees encouraging them to create trouble in the South China Sea, the Philippines occupation of China Huangyan Island are on a very good breakthrough. China, the world's only aircraft carrier on a large country, as an elephant by a group of crazy wolf bite.

Case of the two countries in the South China Sea licensing way

The U.S. Navy sent its ships, are calculated well in advance, for the development of the situation should be considered very well, there are many plans, of course, is also the Chinese People's Liberation Army is not a vegetarian, the U.S. military at home in front of us under control of every move.

United States: (1) dispatched ships - (2) to enter Chinese waters - (3) the wicked to complain - (4) the threat of - (5) to send warships to escort (the real purpose!)

Chinese: (1) The Coast Guard dispatched aircraft - (2) soldiers and civilians blocked off - (3) severe refute - (4) Warning - (5) (Can not Say, say on the secrets!)

From the above we can see that China and the United States first met in the South China Sea, China in a passive position. This is also to blame our own incompetence, because the old US-provoking incidents, we are in defense position.

Countries surrounding the South China Sea is just a tool for the United States are old, well will become a victim of China and the United States fighting. Americans should be great all the way to Chinese waters escorting really gangster logic! Absolutely should not allow the conspiracy to succeed, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable ... ... 

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