China should not hesitate to attempt to defeat the United States: Who should be heat is very clear

Recently, China and the surrounding parts of the country continues to escalate the territorial dispute, and has aroused great concern both at home and abroad. Territorial disputes, not only now. Only in the specific historical circumstances, similar to the sensitivity of territorial disputes continue to rise.
Part of the view that the current situation are the United States hoped that China and its agents to conduct a war in order to achieve the purpose to contain China. Know the basic logic of this lies in the fact that China is a major opportunity for self-development period, the war might bring great unpredictability. At the same time, China may also be at war in the face of resistance from the United States. War with the United States will lead to great development in Chinese history of missed opportunities.
Before the outbreak of the financial crisis, the Asian region and the world at a relatively fast development period. China's own historical period it is the world's fastest-growing power. Chinese uphold the principle of hiding one's capacity to tolerate its own share of benefits and firm slow the increase in such a situation, economic and healthy functioning of society.
With the financial crisis erupted and spread of Chinese influence are growing. This year, the Government's target for GDP growth rate of 8% are maintained. If we can ensure that such a growth rate can not be said that are very low indeed. However, longitudinal comparison of the indicators have been low in recent years. That is to say, China will face this year after a period of economic downturn. Sounded the alarm that the status quo. Decline in economic growth means that the inevitable decline in employment and other social problems. These social problems brought about by inevitable social conflicts.
At the same time, a depressed world economy. Major world powers to enter the economic recession. As a source of financial crises, the United States is struggling, when able to get out is hard to predict. In contrast, the situation in China was more optimistic. Is it because of these circumstances, the United States will urge China to engage in a country with its proxy war? China's current territorial disputes are two major conflicts in the direction of the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea.
Direction on the Diaoyu Islands, China's rival, Japan. Japan does have one war with China's capital, but also relatively hostile to China. Once waged a war of aggression against China also fear the rise of China, Japan comparison. However, Japan as a war has the power of capital is not easy to control. Even the United States can not forcibly make Japan a country the world's most important blindly onto the battlefield. Do not have sufficient benefits to persuade Japan, the rush to think that Japan would embark on the battlefield are not objective. Japan and China, taking into account the distance between, even if the United States joined the war, the Sino-Japanese all-out war for Japan, its harm is unacceptable. Japan no longer hostile to China, it will not sacrifice its own national interests to maintain American hegemony in East Asia.
Direction in the South China Sea, China's opponents are a number of small countries in Southeast Asia. Such to the Philippines, Vietnam as the representative of the country did not possess enough strength war. If the United States looks forward to such an agent to weaken China's strength and the results are definitely not satisfied. China as a world power is definitely not the strength of Southeast Asian countries can match, even those who have a conflict with China National United together too. If you are unable to significantly weaken the Chinese forces, then the interests of the United States Where do children? Based on how much can be consumed on how much consumption purposes? Such a war will be calculated in turn brought about by Chinese national cohesion and self-confidence plus factors such as strength, it is clear such a strategy is inconsistent with long-term interests of the United States. Moreover, once a country at war with China failed, almost certainly brought about many other countries to the side of a domino-style Chinese. Based on the overall interests of the United States to allow these countries to contain China much more cost-effective long-term.
From the historical experience of US-Soviet Cold War is also very difficult to find the United States take the initiative to entice the Soviet Union and its agents to conduct a war precedent. Take the initiative to the client country's independence into a no chance of winning the war will affect the future of the United States and its client countries. Who are unwilling to put themselves at any time to keep up with a totally betrayed their own boss. The United States themselves, but also not willing to involved in the war with China. Between the major powers, war, once started, the result can not be estimated. Therefore, the United States will not take the initiative to the client's own country into war with China. Can only conclude that the United States helped create the state, in fact based on the past two decades to China to observe the results. Based on historical experience and realities, the United States made the Chinese less likely to carry out the conclusions of a war, and to apply the strategy on the operation. Calmly, the U.S. authorities really want to surrounding areas of China into a war, Japan is clearly a more suitable choice. The United States should be fully operational in the direction of Japan and into the war. The Philippines highlight the contradictions with China, given China's broader selection. If you have to conduct a war, in the current environment, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries are more suitable as a Chinese rival.
There can be no doubt or question whether the Diaoyu Islands are the upgrading of the South China Sea issue, behind the shadow of the United States. Figure the United States exist, there is the interest of the United States, this is the inevitable logic of the United States acts. China's current escalation of the dispute surrounding territory, the United States achieve a lot of benefits. Prior to the adoption of the analysis, it is foreseeable that the United States is bound to let Japan and some Southeast Asian countries believe that China dare not or do not want to conduct a war.
Take advantage of China's moderate attitude, the United States stepped up its blockade of China's strategic. Japan and the Philippines and other countries to take on the territorial dispute at a radical attitude, the Chinese side and not very hard-line stance to deal with. This will allow countries such as Japan and the Philippines to strengthen its own tied up in the chariot of the United States against China and the confidence of the more dead set to go along with the United States.
Whether it is Japan or the Philippines, the Chinese are the verge of an important strategic waterway. This will give the Chinese Navy into the future a great deal of resistance to the ocean. The deepening of the existing contradictions, the parties to the conflict makes the future more a single selection. Future attempts to resolve it more difficult.
Chinese strategic moderate inherent in specific historical conditions will intensify a large extent, the domestic social contradictions. Normal circumstances, this effect will not be too obvious. In the current economic development has stagnated, the largest decline in employment background, a moderate foreign policy of the social contradictions brought about by the addition of the role will be particularly significant. This point, the online media in China has been on a relatively fully reflected.
Strategic moderate surrounding the territory of China will also bring the problem more complicated. If China does not only make a positive response to the conflict may lead to "Strong attack together" situation. Those who exist territorial disputes with China will come out of the country, trying to use against China's "tough" to the transfer of the serious economic and social crisis. This possibility, China's development will face more obstacles.
Chinese deterrent based on a further decline, but also allow the United States in China surrounding areas looking for more partners in the firm. Such inference become a reality, but also the various problems mentioned above will bring greater snowball effect. American containment of China will be more solid. The United States itself, can reduce the forces deployed against China, which at the financial crisis in the context of a decrease in consumption of resources.
The United States will not be absolutely sure that China will not conduct a war. However, taking into account the huge benefits, to take certain risks is normal. Moreover, even if the Chinese engaged in a territorial battle for America's core interests will not have too big an impact. Along with the rise of deterrence, China's affinity will decrease due to the war. At the same time, to the Chinese war of uncertainty, is also worth something to look forward to the United States.
There is no denying that the deployment of the United States to China has brought no small trouble. One could even say that the United States will push the Chinese into a war or no war in the embarrassing position. No war, the trouble will follow. Warfare, but also the existence of objective concerns. Once open the gate of war, the Chinese themselves can not fully grasp. However, the current situation can not tolerate Chinese retreat. No war has been lost benefits obvious. Warfare, although they may bring to China a number of identified hazards and uncertainties, but the gains are also evident.
Win a war, or at least hard-line military action, will allow the United States attempts to become bankrupt. In other words, the aforementioned moderate Chinese strategy brought about by substantial hazards in large part be gone. Only are the benefits of this perspective on a very attractive. At a difficult historical period, soft power includes cohesion, self-confidence to tide over their difficulties are the quick primer medicine. Lost in vain with its benefits, must take the risk of war to resolve the territorial dispute is, after all, the lesser evil compromise selection. War is also a strategic choice. Now that is a strategy, not on avoiding accidents. Strategy can not be calculated is the so-called risk of accidents can also be considered to be an inevitable price to pay. Entities exist in the country as a circle of strength of the Earth, regardless of whether or not happy on the subjective and objective can not be avoided on the strategy game of risk. Military intimidation has been the restoration of the current situation are the bottom line of a deterrent. If not, then is the war.
China's development at a major opportunity, try to avoid the occurrence of war are necessary and reasonable. However, the premise of this paper is to avoid war, there is enough interest. For failing to meet the interests of the country is still blind to avoid war, it is strategically evade. Escape as a strategic option indicates that the inevitable loss of benefits. In fact, China's policy of hiding one's capacity to identify the major historical environment has been a fundamental change. The rapid development of world economic history has been interrupted. If the earth as a large system, we will easily find that the global economy is not running smoothly, the increase in conflicts between states are taken for granted. Opportunities for less intense competition. Financial crisis to the economic crisis associated with every country in the world has brought about tremendous social pressure. Chinese financial fragility of the surrounding country adventure on select strategic initiatives to divert domestic attention is not surprising. If the financial crisis continue to spread, more countries may select such a strategic risk. Affinity in such circumstances the role of deterrence is clearly not as large. After all, the affinity is based on the number of Chinese able to give measured. Governments because of the expectation of a greater degree to maintain its stability, the struggle to outdo each other a short period of difficult to change the situation. China can not unilaterally make a good man regardless of the domestic market. Means to solve the problem seems to only one - cut the Gordian knot! Taking into account the date is not ripe for military preparation, income and risk are not at a very good ratio on, who is also playing very clear.
Not silent in the outbreak, we perish in silence. This is China's current complex situation faced by one of the most succinct description. The demise of the outbreak are still, history has forced Chinese to make their own choices.

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