Strange!the South China Sea disputes, why did not the voice of Vietnam?

Recently, because of the Philippines and Malaysia in the South China Sea continue to provoke questions on China's bottom line, leading to the deteriorating situation in the South China Sea. A few days ago, the United States in the South China Sea rising up a fuel problem, China and the United States around the "no time to its" war of words between the South China Sea led to the situation more complex. A sudden, the South China Sea will become not only a problem in East Asia and the whole focus of the international community.

But I do not know not everyone took note of the recent parties around the South China Sea problem forces much busy and trying time for the international community to make their voices when the problem has always been in the South China Sea dispute on clamor of the most powerful, most stubborn attitude, ambition also The largest Vietnamese no sound?

Often concerned about the news of a friend may be aware, in recent years, Vietnam has been a frequent problem in the South China Sea erode the bottom line of China, and even the development of Sino-Vietnamese relations in spite of the overall situation, and constantly stirred up among the various disputes and have taken some of the measures, such as Some reefs in the South China Sea based on the army, the construction of military construction, oil field exploitation and even the tender to the international community investment, so as to take the consolidation of vested interests in the South China Sea in Vietnam. Therefore, as long as the conditions properly, will always take full advantage of opportunities for Vietnam to expand its interests in the South China Sea. Existence of disputes in the South China Sea countries, Vietnam can also be said that the greatest threat to China, but also to resolve the South China Sea issue China has to face an important obstacle.

A lot of people may find this at home and abroad in the South China Sea disputes, Vietnam like outsiders in general, Vietnam's government leaders and institutions have not made any official of the South China Sea disputes about the official statements and positions, even if asked, always a vague or over. Well, at this time, including the Philippines, Malaysia and even the United States entered a golden opportunity to involve, the Vietnamese why, suddenly, there is no sound? The collective participation of the South China Sea countries, international big powers to intervene to interfere in the situation, is it not a dream things Vietnam吗? Why did the Vietnamese did not take practical action to fight for their own interests?

The author appears at the South China Sea dispute did not involve Vietnam spoiler, is not what the Vietnamese made a good-hearted or do not care about its stakeholders in the South China Sea, but at a "sit on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight" strategy to assess the situation in order to achieve the maximization of their own interests. In fact, in the face of the chaos in the South China Sea, Vietnam is very concerned about, but are not dare go in admixture, for fear that their interests are jeopardized and even become the victim of other people.

Clearly, the South China Sea than in the past the previous question should be a serious case of the many, not the past, some in the Vietnamese sea dispute comparable. In the past a number of disputes, even though the initiative to provoke the Vietnamese, get some small cheap, but the key moment as long as timely contraction, table个state allow ease tension. But the case is serious, from the Chinese government and military positions and some of the measures taken can be seen, the Chinese are tough to treat this problem in the South China Sea. If the Vietnamese hastily hand, followed by other countries to join in the fun, once angered China, is likely to be the solution to the South China Sea issue China's "victim."

As we all know, there is a dispute with China at the South China Sea countries, although Vietnam's military strength is relatively the strongest, but in fact the Vietnamese in the South China Sea are among the most vulnerable countries. Philippines although weaker, but there is a very strong backer - the United States, the US-Philippine relations between the close, once the conflict in the Philippines is bound to give rise to the intervention of the United States, the Chinese are afraid of the things compared. Although the strength of the weakest and Malaysia but also small Chinese threat, however, the southernmost tip of Horse in the South China Sea, Chinese naval forces is not conducive to play, not to mention most of the Malaysian Chinese community composition! While Vietnam is the most isolated country, and China and Vietnam have been seemingly in harmony but actually at variance. There is no background, not a good relationship with China, in view of this, Vietnam for fear that the Chinese will take the matter to force the Vietnamese to gain the upper hand, to take this to deter countries in the South China Sea.

The author at the former Bowen has been analyzed, by force if China tried to solve the problem in the South China Sea, then Vietnam is bound not to bypass the Chinese are a major obstacle. Vietnam also understand this in mind, China will first of all at a great extent it to the "chopping block." Although the Vietnamese usually formidable clamor of comparison, but if true I am afraid to use force against Vietnam are the most fearful thing.

So I think, in the South China Sea dispute, Vietnam reason "speechless", First sit on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight want to seek to maximize their own interests; another one is to avoid fire itself, the fear of forcing the matter The Chinese will be in the South China Sea will take questions on Vietnam "venting."

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I think this is a very fair assessment of the situation. I have to say the Vietnamese govt has handled the issue properly: not to anger its main threat and biggest friend/enemy, yet quietly armed itself for possible future conflict. With miracle economic development, within a decade or so I bet anyone would want to escalate this long-term territorial dispute to full scale arm conflict. Definitely not some SEA countries. China power projection is awesome, but to fight for a few unhabited islands and keep a hold onto them, military will is not enough.