Panic in the West: China may not go pinch someone else's throat!

China at the supply of rare earth on the edge, as well as rare-earth put into the "21st century economic weapon" trigger JAPAN mind the so-called "invisible industry Tsunami" panic. JAPAN required almost 100 percent of rare earth imported from China. Day believes that the rare earth will have a trade war could become a battlefield of the future. Price war at the United States belittles rare earth ore will be put into use. But many industry observers believe that Beijing may be planning at opponents before the appearance of a global supply crisis. (March 11, "Global Times")
The author quoted above are British "Times" published March 9, entitled "Chinese science and technology to master the key to the future" article in the opinion. These views seem to some sensational. However, if we just think, or feel that the author is right justified. Since rare earth can improve substantially for the manufacture of tanks, aircraft, missiles, steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium tactical performance, at the same time, rare earth is also the electron, laser, nuclear industry, superconductivity, and many other high-tech lubricants. If western countries can not be imported rare earth, it would be unthinkable.
In fact, the importance of rare earth has been more and more people are understanding. It is understood that Japan, at the United States and the European Rare Earth Functional Materials and its applications are facing technical breakthroughs, such as superconducting materials, microelectronics materials, photonic materials, information materials, energy conversion and energy storage materials, the ecological environment materials, biomedical materials and Molecular Materials, Atomic Design is at the ever-changing development, the development of functional materials technology is becoming in these countries to strengthen its economic and military superiority of the important means.
At present, China's rare earth resources all over the world accounted for 80 percent of known reserves, its status can be compared with the Middle East oil as an extremely important strategic significance. Prior to 2002, purchase of rare earth products in China is only focused on the country of Japan, the United States, France and a small number of some developed countries, to the 2003 purchase of the Chinese Rare Earth Products countries and regions had reached 56, and by 2004, the Chinese purchase of Rare Earth Products The country has reached 74 countries and regions.
It is the West, as well as other rare-earth country needs to increase substantially, from 1990 to 2007, China rare earth export volume increased by nearly 10 times. However, it is hard to believe that, although the increase in Chinese exports of rare earth can be the average price of exports was down to 64% of the original price. In the world of high-tech electronics, laser, communications, superconducting materials such as geometry class was demand, China's rare earth has not a corresponding rise in prices. Some Rare Earth Enterprises, said, according to current prices, the profits of enterprises in general RE at 1-5% between, that is, up to about 5% of profits.
This shows that the Chinese rare-earth trade is a huge embarrassment facing intolerable: on the one hand, rare earth industry in the world has created a resource reserves, production, sales, consumption of a number of "firsts" on the other hand, in absolute market advantage, the Chinese Rare Earth, only to sell a "soil the price." In developed countries has to be regarded as a strategic resource of rare earth, and have the time for action, rare earth in China is seen as more just for the Exchange of ordinary merchandise.
September 2008, "Southern Weekend" doctor Qingyan Beijing University published a long article "China should immediately prohibit the export of rare earth," pointed out that now that the past few decades, the government is not concerned about the leadership does not, department director indeed is best, experts and scholars They also put forward many proposals, but the development of China's rare earth still remains at a low level. Well, from the long term, the most effective and easiest way to implement than immediately prohibit the export of rare earth, only to maintain domestic production and R & D outputs required scale, or simply buy from the international market.
This is the first Chinese scholars from the political, military and economic level, China has banned the export of rare earth reasons. Facts have proved that the country is not such as to adopt effective measures to restrict or stop the export of rare earth is bound to affect the sustainable development of related industries, and even endanger the safety of Chinese industries. National departments should carry out an annual assessment of rare earth products exports after the scope of the export quantity of dynamic management, and gradually turn off the gate of Rare Earth exports.
Based on this, in recent months, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Commerce, etc. to reduce the introduction of export quotas, export tariffs on a range of additional policies to limit or reduce export volume of rare earth. At the same time, the export sector, Ministry of Commerce to further strengthen the management of rare earth export enterprises. In December 2008 the "rare earth export enterprises in 2009" list, to list only 20 enterprises, more than 19 reduction in 2007. Prior to this, Chinese rare earth export enterprises have as many as 200.
Experienced the disorder at the price wars and reduced export quotas, more than 95% of the world's rare earth production and supply will be Chinese. This is Japan, the United States as represented by the Western countries do not want to see. Japan International Research Institute on behalf of future scientific and Koji Hamada think: "China has the world's rare earth resources, 88 percent, Japan and the United States grabbed the throat, Japan and the United States do not have these rare metals, will not be able to manufacture precision-guided weapons. If the Chinese to limit or the prohibition of export, will be strangled Japan's throat. Perhaps the Chinese should not go pinch someone else's throat. "Kazuyuki Hamada remarks, told the Western countries fear restrictions on Chinese exports of rare-earth views. (Authors: QIU Lin; Source: Guangming Observer)

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