China is bound to happen a war in 2009

History has proved that the Chinese as long as every nine years, there will be big things, do not believe you can look at door information related case, another point is the current international situation, Russia is ready to abandon the Chinese, because it knows that China is now besieged on all sides, found in China to see the benefits of fishing, playing China did not express support for Georgia, expressed opposition to (the Chinese are not allowed to support the Taiwan Strait issue) look at the Chinese friends in addition to Pakistan (estimated are suspended, and for the President) which give China could have fought shoulder to shoulder no. South China Sea to the crisis, the International Convention on the Law of the Sea in 2009 during the first half of the countries have to put the delineation of sea-based lines, this is no way of things, (think you hit the door with you) I feel that the possibility of a large, north of the Korean boy disobedient all day to make trouble, but also launch a satellite is launched missiles, the US-South Korea military exercise open to 38 lines, Japan is also the opportunity sworn Islands, India ah 3, is actively preparing for at the Sino-Indian war of revenge, Japan today to send warships to the Somalia, the estimate is that an excuse enough troops in Somalia, it is estimated that the South China Sea is the purpose of this visit. Involving possession of the European Parliament adopted the motion. Interference in our internal affairs, what crisis comes, This is forcing us in the war ah, brothers and fellow citizens, you are not the door said, imperialism will perish my heart alive, but also when the financial crisis, are poor die, the United States owes China so much money, that is not also think, that is, you must fight Chinese. Chinese around me you are the person you look on how to proceed. I am deliberately. You and me playing, I also do not have money, I do so many people you one, you no longer have three 6-arm could not escape one die, at how much China is outnumbered, otherwise nuclear war. This is the final decision-making process. Fuse the war has focused on two places, the most likely are in the South China Sea, the time at 5 months later, there is North Korea. Other places may be like 11 years, it also understands door to seize the opportunity. My culture is not high, some saying is not very clear, let us to analyze.

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stealth version of j-11 :

stealth version of j-11 :

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