The scholars proposed that both banks should make an effort defend the Chinese coastal territory

In short one month, the Chinese coastal territory is in danger repeatedly: Japan strengthens in my Diaoyu Island's military exists, Philippine Congress through the special bill my Huangyan Island and other part island reefs includes within the poor territory, Malaysian premier lands my Nansha projectile reef to declare the sovereignty, the Vietnamese government protested that I authorize the touring party to go to the Xisha Islands to travel, particularly the United States Navy “does not have flaw” the monitoring ship to invade my South China Sea sea area to carry on the illegal detection, and has caused the serious Sino-US ships confronting event from this.

Above Chinese coastal territory crisis, is not only in the history leaves behind down “old crisis”, is under the new situation erupts “new crisis”, because in 2009 will be doomed is the world coastal territory starts to delimit and to present the significant dispute's beginning: First, stipulated according to United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea that all participates to conclude a treaty the country, must mark off the plan before May 13, 2009 to the United Nations Continental shelf Boundary Committee submission continental shelf, otherwise its related request will not obtain the acknowledgment. Second, guaranteed South Pole placement sovereignty dispute and peace development "Antarctic Treaty" expired to December 1, 2009, South Pole became dispute's focal point unavoidably once more; Meanwhile, as a result of snow and ice melting and other reasons, the North Pole strategic value highlights day by day, causes various countries to drool and to fight.

  Because of so, various countries in having the dispute island reef, continental shelf, the special economic area and two-pole area's all sorts of behaviors, is the real intention expresses, rather said that will be drills the international law the loophole and future regulatory period crevice, will attempt to pass “does not occupy to proclaim” or “does not proclaim to occupy” and other ways to snatch to take the initiative for own “enclosure movement”. The Japan, South Korea “Tokto (date said that Takeshima) struggle”, Japan changes “flushes bird reef” is “flushes Niao Island”, UK, France and other countries to South Pole to propose the territorial claim, US and Russia and other countries proposed the territorial waters to request to North Pole, all was the typical illustration.

Chinese coastal territory “new crisis” new, but also manifests in the surrounding countries uses the substantial control, the domestic legislation, the League of Nations and so on many kinds of methods, will attempt to invade my coastal territory fact, legalization and internationalization - - - Japan, the Philippines and other countries vigorously will all pull the allied country US sewer, hoping the US can intervene the Diaoyu Island question and Nansha question. In fact, the US truly is also carrying out “involvement but does not fall into” the ambiguous strategy. In addition, Japan, India, Australia and other great nations are also ready to make trouble, either bright or bribes the South China Sea question darkly, attempts to fish in troubled waters. In addition, some countries attempt through manufacture “fabricated” the topic, makes so-called has coastal territory “to dispute” with China the fact, for instance South Korea unceasingly ejected my East China Sea Socotra Rock in recent years is the South Korean island reef topic. It is not difficult to see that this wheel China coastal territory crisis is facing the unprecedented complexity.
  Facing new and old coastal territory crisis, China faced with difficult choice, what is most essential is the establishment is clear about, the vigorous promising big coastal territory strategy clearly. This big coastal territory strategy at least should include the following several points:

  First, “sovereignty in me” is the basic agent. The sovereign issue belongs to the core national interest, did not acknowledge my sovereignty, namely did not have possibility of the common development, other source any form development all violates my sovereignty. Should through such as "China Coastal territory Law" and so on domestic legislation, establishes the Chinese island reef, continental shelf and special economic area's geographical scope, the sovereign principle, the rights protection mechanism and so on, and informed explicitly international society - - - - - this act can guarantee that not necessarily my coastal territory frees from aggression, but can actually entrust with me the rights protection motion by the validity. Declared and safeguard sovereignty measure including military each kind is essential.

  Second, construction “Chinese Coastal territory Bureau”. 9.6 million square kilometers land boundaries are our country earth, 3 million square kilometers coastal territories are also our country earth. What arranges with my land border roughly differs from, my maritime territories half exist “dispute”. Facts showed that at present delimits the island and sea area is the coastal provinces and cities jurisdiction the procedure cannot effectively maintain my sovereignty. When to the present, did not have an administrative organization system to come the actual jurisdiction South China Sea more than 260 island reef sand beach and 2.6 million square kilometers sea areas! Therefore, receives infringement in view of the coastal territory seriously the special situation, it is necessary construction “Chinese Coastal territory Bureau”, as coordinated and conformity land resources department and State Bureau of Oceanic Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Department of Defense, navy and other departments' government coastal territory professional state institution.

Third, both banks make an effort defend the Chinese coastal territory. “Brothers catfish Yu Qiang, outside imperial it insults”, mainland and Taiwan how, regardless to fight, in upholding in the Chinese coastal territory sovereignty should be consistent. Much less both banks from former days “catfish Yu Qiang” moves toward culture, economy, politics and other stratification plane interflow and cooperations, therefore opening upholds the Chinese coastal territory sovereignty including military cooperation both banks together the cooperation mechanism, is possible. Specially, Taiwan is the first island chain's central point, the north looks down at the Diaoyu Island island, the south bends down South China Sea and has the garrison in Nansha biggest islands Taiping island, therefore both banks make an effort the cooperation to the strategic value which defending the Chinese coastal territory has can substitute and is unable be estimated.

  Fourth, increase the development and propaganda dynamics. “Has to be incurable” will increase without doubt upholds the coastal territory sovereignty the difficulty, therefore has the necessity to increase the survey, scientific research, fishery, traveling and energy minerals mining and other comprehensive development the dynamics. Especially, regardless of looking from the literature record, historical changing and legal principle theory of law basis, China to having “disputed that” islands and coastal territory have the sovereignty which does not allow to dispute. For instance, idle talk Diaoyu Island, Ryukyu Islands (date said that the okinawan archipelago), according to "Potsdam Proclamation" eighth additional regulations, Japan in must return China after the war. The US also once invited China to participate to seize Ryukyu Islands, but because the civil war breaks out, China has no time to take into consideration, then China, US seriously resist, therefore US, Japan carried China to sign "San francisco" in 1970, paid by the US Ryukyu Islands Japan. Regarding similar history, research and propaganda foreign propaganda China are very particularly insufficient, this kind of present situation urgently awaits to change, with the aim of receiving has the evidence and attacking in order to defend effect rational.

  Fifth, impel the Chinese big sea strategy. The population size is huge, resources energy deficient China, is integrating and dependant global economic cooperation exchange day by day, therefore development of the seaborne commerce and navigation route and China and is bound by a common cause safely. Therefore, China not only needs coastal territory strategy, but also needs to be clear about the clear big sea strategy, its core spot is, every critical time China national interest's sea area, is the Chinese sea strategy boundary, for instance marine strategic channel and two-pole resources development and so on.

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