Russian media said the Chinese J-11B stealth ability superior performance three times in the Soviet Union -27

Russian media referring to J-11B at stealth ability has improved significantly on
Chinese Air Force's Su-27SK and equipment has become the performance of backward

Russian media recently pointed out, Chinese people at the Russian-made Su -27 fighter planes developed on the basic J-11B is a very advanced aircraft performance, its relationship with the Soviet Union -27 there were significant differences. At present, this new type of aircraft equipment, Chinese Air Force has already begun.
J-11B at mass production and the armed forces at the same time, China was halted in 2004 under the Russian license at the domestic assembly of Su-27S work. Clearly, China has used its self-developed J-11B has been replaced by the location of the Su-27SK.
Until now, China's leading aircraft manufacturers - Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has been using parts imported from Russia 95 SU assembled-27SK (the initial plan is to assemble 200). Perhaps the production Su-27SK is in volume production in order to give the Chinese people to improve their strength from the J-11B to give up the road.
Even though J-11B from the Su-27SK, but its performance has significantly improved, including a smaller cross-section of radar reflectivity, reinforced body, improved fire control systems, glass cockpit and improved engines. In order to conduct flight tests, China produced a total of string No. 521,523 and 524, respectively, for the three J-11B. It is reported that J-11B at stealth made great progress: the radar reflectivity cross section from the Soviet Union -27 reduced to 15 square meters of 5 square meters, or even likely to have three square meters.
In order to improve the stealth capabilities, China on the J-11B inlet shape was improved, the use of radar absorbing materials and many people in the coating machine can reduce the infrared characteristics of coatings.
Chinese Air Force had the Soviet Union because of the body the life of -27 has been criticized, therefore, to enhance the body strength to improve the job to become an important element. Especially with the weapons pylons connected parts have been strengthened.
In addition, thanks to the modernization of large-scale use of composite materials, the F-11B airframe weight than the Su-27SK a reduction of around 700 kilograms, and its flying life expectancy than the latter an increase of 1000 hours.
Experts have estimated that J-11B on the fire control radar systems and equipment than the Su-27SK and equipment on the 1473 model is more powerful, has the ability to detect simultaneously up to 20 aim, and one of the six tracks simultaneously.
J-11B that is equipped with advanced digital control system, but also to retain the mechanical backup.
In addition, the F-11B's cockpit with the Su-27SK has a significant difference, progress is obvious.J-11B cockpit has achieved the "glass" LCD screen has been replaced by the original instrument panel, the entire cockpit looks neat and tidy. The aircraft's avionics system also successfully fire control radar, optoelectronic systems and infrared reconnaissance equipment integration.
Because of airborne radio system has been improved, making J-11B can equipment such as PL-12 is equipped with active radar seeker of the distance from the "air-to-air" missile.
Although the J-11B is currently imported from Russia are still using the AL-31F engine, but the future China will gradually change the life of self-developed longer and stronger economic WS-10A engine.

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