Russia denied that the Soviet Union has broken down -33 negotiations are still wary of Chinese to break their technical

The photo shows the Soviet Union aircraft carrier -33 and "good-watt grid" No.. It is reported that the latter will serve as the Chinese navy's training ship, so do not need too much equipment, Su -33 aircraft.

Su-33UB two-seat carrier-based fighter, the models are rare, but also demonstrated a strong body Su -33 potential.

According to Russia's "ties" Net reported that the Russian defense industrial complex, a source from a recent interview with the media, revealed that between Moscow and Beijing for the sale of carrier-based Su -33 fighter negotiations are continuing, the transaction the success of both sides. He stressed that: "Prior to the negotiations have been terminated and the contract was abolished reports are false." However, he also believes that Chinese experts are now trying to crack the SU -33 production technologies.
China and Russia for the sale of Su-type carrier-based fighter -33 negotiations have been going on for several years.
Before there were reports that the key technologies for fear of being leaked, Russia has put an end to the sale of Chinese fighter jets Su -33 negotiations. Su -33 worried because of the production technology by the Chinese "clone", Russia has decided to refuse the conditions in accordance with the Chinese side to negotiate.
In addition, Beijing has also repeatedly proposed to Moscow to buy 14 Su -33 request. However, because of worry about technology and think the secret has been leaked on the economy and not cost-effective, the Russian side demanded that China should not be less than the purchase of 24.
Reported that the Chinese had at this before successfully from Ukraine to buy a T-10K - the prototype Su -33. However, it does not have the ability to fly. Even so, some experts still believe that the plane through T-10K, Chinese experts will probably have learned that the wings folded, brakes and other systems of the structure, thereby imitation with a similar carrier-based Su -33 fighter.

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