Confrontation between the South China Sea by the U.S. military deliberately case of nuclear submarine to the Congress to military

U.S. Navy "Virginia" class nuclear attack submarines of the first (SSN774) "Virginia" No.

The Pentagon alleged Chinese ships in the South China Sea "harassment" the U.S. Navy's "no time" incident, the outside world have had different interpretations. The United States "Washington Watch" recently published an article about another view, saying that in fact the U.S. Navy would like to take "no time" to its case because of the limited military and the fate of the delicate plans to Virginia-class submarines can successfully cross the border.
The article said that in the past 10 days, the U.S. Navy ship "perfect" to become No. US "drama" of the heroine. If we say that "flawless" Chinese experience in the South China Sea to intercept vessels that are the prelude to the play screen, the Pentagon to the U.S. media's so-called intelligence, the bombing of two media-style coverage, as well as the attitude of both foreign ministers will be interpreted that this movie ups and downs , and the Pentagon deployed "Chung-Hoon" destroyer escort to the South China Sea, but also this did not smoke a "psychological warfare" inviting variables.
Introduction article said that in the U.S. Navy's plan, Virginia-class attack submarines the Navy in early 21st century are the main force. It can be implemented not only the traditional ocean-going anti-submarine, anti-ship warfare, can also be used in a variety of near-shore operations. Virginia-class attack nuclear submarines equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles have 12 vertical launch tubes, could be 2500 kilometers of land-based targets outside attacks; 4 533 millimeters torpedo tubes capable of launching a variety of models of torpedoes. Virginia-class submarines or the first U.S. Navy submarine shore, shallow waters can be cruising at an enemy, their equipment transport divers boats, amphibious special operations support to be able to engage in clandestine intelligence gathering and so on. In 2004, the first vessel to enter the United States Navy Virginia-class submarines in service, the original plans to construct 30. However, the war in Iraq caused by military force the Navy to be a bottomless pit for its construction reduced the number of 19, each with an average cost of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars.
February 2009, when Obama announced the first draft budget, the defense budget has been cut there is no suspense. Especially the enormous cost of new weapons will face a substantial reduction in the number, or even the prospect of suspension. Although by the end of 2008, the Pentagon has just 14 billion U.S. dollars signed by the Virginia-class submarine production contract, but the contract has not yet been allocated Congress. The reduction of military expenditures in the current atmosphere of large, this eight plans within five years, delivery of the Virginia-class submarines with the fate of becoming delicate.

Schematic diagram of the U.S. Virginia-class nuclear submarine

Democratic Representative Barney Frank pointed out that the Virginia-class submarines are the reduction of military expenditures him one of the objectives of the motion. He cited a U.S. think tank - "Policy Research Institute," the report said in 2007, "Virginia-class submarines are an enemy in order to foster the construction of weapons and equipment", which at the role of post-Cold War era is worth exploring.
However, the Virginia class submarine manufacturer General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman do not agree with Frank's opinion. General Dynamics CEO John? Casey retorted, "the Cold War and Virginia-class submarines should not appear in the same sentence, the Virginia-class submarines designed in the post-Cold War era, to deal with the United States are the current threats." General Dynamics has also stressed that the Virginia-class submarine production line with the economic stimulus package in the "Buy American" provisions. Around 98% of the submarine procurement of all components from the United States company, located in the east coast from Massachusetts to the west coast of Washington state. Universal power companies are lobbying members of these states that the Virginia-class submarines give states the opportunity to bring the job.
In addition to job opportunities at the upper reaches of said members of Congress, the recent Sino-US conflict at sea has also become a Virginia-class submarines in support of the important reasons. The United States Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Robert Walker of the defense experts believe that the current situation illustrates the need for more Navy Virginia-class submarines. At the newly written report, he wrote, "China is actively enhance combat capability at sea, the imaginary Chinese navy fleet in the United States alone." He observed, "China is speeding up construction of new submarines, the submarine is better than the original model, but also the launch of the U.S. Fleet lethal anti-ship missiles. As long as go full steam ahead, China could be the construction of 6-7 boats per year of new models such submarines . "
Finally article wrote that the United States, "Policy Research Institute" in early 2007 pointed out the fallacy of Walker opinion, saying that "some people are trying to exaggerate the Chinese enough to challenge for the super power of the United States. There is no credible and consistent evidence to support this kinds of opinion. " Although the "Policy Institute" believes that the current submarine force in the United States sufficient to deal with the Chinese navy's "threat." However, when the "perfect" in the South China Sea drama starring on the continuous development of the media at a time when public opinion on, in the Obama administration, the fate of the Virginia-class submarines that have taken place may be a reversal of fortunes.

Construction of the Virginia-class nuclear submarine

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