Do not lightly go to war with the United States, and now Chinese lost the war

Courage required to write on the subject to make the judge more frustrating. Who does not want their country proud warlords, who do not want to attack its own armed forces must grams must Shou solid, unbeatable, but desire is no substitute for good hard realities, the patriotic enthusiasm is no substitute for cool heads. Otherwise, the temerity to send troops, light from the war, it will only give the country and the nation to bring greater disaster. "Soldiers, the country's major event, not accidentally," Yes.

Military enthusiasts will enjoy much military power to do comparison, especially for the countries of the merits of weapons of today, and even further to determine which of the possible outcome of the war, this is too narrow. World War are familiar with Chinese and foreign people are aware, the decision of war, especially between the major powers or the large-scale elements of the outcome of a war, not just to arms, is not even the main strengths and weaknesses of weapons, but about every aspect of very complex of a systematic project. Generally speaking, a major war for at least the following several aspects of the situation analysis and comparison:

First, the warring parties to study comparative economic strength (the state's financial strength, the people of wealth, the supply of strategic resources, industrial capacity, military manufacturing capacity, etc.);

Second, the warring parties to the domestic political situation in comparative analysis (socio-political stability, the political system is reasonable, the political operation of efficient, decision-making whether it is wise, whether or not the elite officials, on whether the Government acknowledges that the people satisfied with the tie in with the dissident groups to support the benefits etc.);

Three warring country of war mobilization and organizational capacity analysis comparing (national martial spirit of patriotic fervor and the adequacy of national defense whether the training in place, peacetime and wartime conversion capabilities, logistical support, essential facilities, defense, national evacuation organizations, high-level of war will and advocacy capacity, etc.);

Four, international environmental and diplomatic situation in comparative analysis (the relationship between the Friends of the enemy, many are still scant support to help with a vertical or even horizontal attack and pay arrangements, a variety of diplomatic means and the integrated use of the deployment and assessment, etc.);

Friday, the military strength of the warring parties study comparison (military thought is advanced, the adequacy of military strategy, military system is reasonable, whether the allegations of high-performance system, synergy whether the arms in place, and general character can be evaluated with contrast, the soldiers morale and quality assessment of contrast, weapons a systematic assessment of contrast, tactical analysis and tactics on how to use and so on);

Six, the consequences of the war and the knock-on effect of the pre-research, rehearsal and prevention;

Seven specific operational plan of study, assessment and comparison;

Eight, the timing of the war, manufacturing and evaluated.

Here, we do not need more than some aspects of the many factors that a comprehensive system-depth analysis (leave that to professionals to do it), as long as everyone you consider a slight cooling-off can easily find: a lot of elements in the above-mentioned, except in Chinese strategic nuclear weapons with the United States there are more than one, the other in almost all aspects such as the United States do not, at least, what advantage does not account for. In such a state of war with the United States, the consequences on the well imagine to what extent.

History often have surprisingly similar, the current situation, from a lot of aspects like the Sino-Japanese War of that year. At that time, to Deng Shichang represented by "hawks" argue with the Japanese war, death, and the cunning of Li Hongzhang the "proprietors" (Please note: "proprietors" not equal "Master down"), Li Hongzhang fatuous incompetence? Li timid afraid of death? Li did not love China? No, the real reason, as Lee himself said Chudo (effect): "This is a Great Qing Dynasty" paper tiger ", I Li is a" paperhanging Carpenter ", I here draw West East mounted mounted so that the tiger looks very decent , and can fool people. the event of real war, I may do so in this paper tiger, at that time, those of my big fat piece of Qing dynasty has long coveted the Toyo Western ghost ghost, it will as a group, like the wolf loose to Russia, Large Qing Dynasty put it to shreds! "

Later, the history of Lee really was the case of adults, unfortunately, the Medium. Sino-Japanese defeat, the humiliating the Qing dynasty, the size of the big powers rushing headlong into mass action, put a dignified Chinese riddled bite. Today brought us countless Islands trouble is that after the naval battle in the Sino-Japanese War, together with Taiwan and its surrounding small islands was ceded to Japan together!

Although it is losing its different time, but the lessons of history seriously can not remember. Moreover, today's situation and the situation then, it has too many similarities. Fix, history will repeat itself!

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