An escalation of the conflict in the South China Sea between China and the US: China fell into the trap, but the United States fell into it

China has not set up, the United States it sets up, and he is sending an aircraft carrier over how to do? Chinese afraid of it? Is the United States aircraft carrier has not been tracking China's submarine before? Put the United States warships and spy ships open to professionals in other countries carried out on an economic zone operations, to express to the world what? to express the United States in maintaining world justice? foolish American to save face, not knowing that he is not corrupt their own how this kind of reputation. The United States has not signed the "United Nations Division for Ocean Convention on the Law ", but most of the world's coastal States had signed, not the United States is being unreasonable conduct in this tell the world, any country's exclusive economic zone should be opened to the United States, he was appointed the United States do all kinds of evil吗? put American warships opened to other countries around the door is not being used this may be foolish and shameless acts tell the world, China began building aircraft carriers, large-scale naval forces into how reasonable and legitimate吗? an economic recession on the major powers continue to re-torn cloak of morality, as the absence of international rules will be complex, so that the empire, except to accelerate the decline, but also has what harvest.
Members of the United States through the 1000 Protocol, but also can not change the U.S. firmly in Tibet under the control of the fact that the Dalai Lama can not change from the death of more and more near the truth, it is recommended the United States Congress to save the United States through many financial crisis resolution , they really fix these SB letter "resolution" is an effective method to put the United States from the financial crisis save the? As for the Philippines \ Malaysia \ Vietnam these countries in the South China Sea territorial behavior of the occupation, we need to deal with the arms rather than anger, but the power, strength, including three categories: First, higher financial strength, we have As the economic strength of the United States about the same; First, more powerful military forces, should have 1-2 aircraft carriers in the South China Sea Cruise; First, the strength of United, the two sides did not achieve a unified, at least military resources can be put together, we know that Taiwan's military strength has been sufficient to counterbalance the whole of ASEAN. Therefore, rather than their U.S. rivals, but the United States with the time, we are working with the United States race, a race against time, so, whatever the outcome, what's certain is, the Philippines \ Malaysia \ Vietnam such country, will always be unable to decide their own country of their own destiny. My opinion has always been like this, I do not think the blind are positive, both from a historical perspective or the perspective of reality, I think China does not need to wait beyond the United States in 2050. Look at the contest between China and the United States, should not only see a huge gap, but also to see such a gap is rapidly narrowing trend. We look at the GDP comparison: The United States in 1990 of $ --------- 58033 billion Chinese ----------- 3878 dollars million to the total GDP of the United States are about 15 times the Chinese The United States in 2000 of $ --------- 98247 billion Chinese --------- 10808 million is 9 times the Chinese The United States in 2008 of $ --------- 142003 billion Chinese --------- 43330 million is 3 times of Chinese Although there is an economic crisis, but I believe that China in the next decade to maintain a faster growth than the United States still must have mastered, then you come to projections, by 2020, China's GDP compared with the U.S. GDP would be a What kind of data? Look at the gap between science and technology, science and technology should not only from the point of view, it is necessary to know that scientific and technological development constraints restricting the level of industrial equipment, the most important factor is the input, the last century, large U.S. plane dropped items, the most important factor is the shortage of funds, rather than technology, it made it more difficult for the aircraft than the spacecraft? have more capital input, we can find better technical personnel, and better protect their job, we can also buy foreign advanced technology, which can be greatly shortened and advanced levels, increasingly close at the time of globalization, technological blockade has been impossible during the Cold War as well, China is trying to break through this blockade to China's new technology digestion and absorption capacity, which I same prospects are positive. The world is flat, the United States to occupy an inordinate amount of wealth the world will be a little bit squeezed out; The world is moving, not to use a static look at the gap today, more than a decade ago, and we look forward to foreigners to invest in China to Chinese tourism, and now, how many countries are looking forward to at Chinese tourists, in looking forward to the Chinese capital, Should we turn a blind eye to China's Change?

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