Empty pack: Unfortunately, history will prove that Obama can save America!

Empty pack of the "American-style eight-part essay"
Edit a site you want me to comment on Obama's new book, "We believe that change." He sent the book are, I can easily read, at any rate to write reviews.
Fortunately, this book does not look thin, in fact, not much character over soon after. Frankly, This is a full chapter empty, quackish atmosphere, extremely single people read the book, it is the only value to us to provide an understanding of the world's most powerful people have a window.
This book are on the second part of Obama's policy strategy, the latter part of his campaign speech 8. We always said that Chinese-style pack Bagu empty, no content, may be not as good as the book Let's do, except him bragging or boasting, even as our substance often used to make fun of the "mobilization of the report."
Him in this book, all are totally unrealistic promises to give people this, to give ordinary people that may have a slogan, I do not see any operational feasibility. He even said: the United States by 2050 to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent. This has the possibility of it? There is!
First, human beings have been put before the oil run out, and there is no carbon can be discharged; two are fighting a nuclear war; there is also possible the two are one again. If you do not happen on the history of mankind The biggest disaster, the United States by the year 2050 carbon emissions growth can not be immune. Obama to put the people of these United States told it?
Himself thought about this problem? Of course, by 2050, Obama had no idea where, and now casually blowing on it. But this is a responsible attitude吗?
I remember, I was called Xiaojun said: Mei-Mei Kau Chinese domestic pro-US faction, was elected at Obama on the question has been divided into two factions, those who pro-Mei-Mei Kau Although the United States, the United States but there is no flesh-and-blood feeling , or see the young people are cheering Obama's win, but those who have really wholeheartedly loyal to the United States, with the United States close as flesh and blood, there is relatively knowledgeable Mei-Mei Kau pro-American, but all in due oba Horse of the election for the United States worry about. These really look my allegiance to the Chinese people see the United States was still at stake.
Obama was elected President of the United States, the United States is indeed a joy, I have watched Chinese TV, Chinese experts are also a joy, both the United States think a lot of problems can be solved. I really doubt it very much.
The United States to solve the problem today is the light should not shout slogans, you have to give something, we must find the source of things. Conservation of energy, physical immortality, are the basic laws of physics, nobody can go beyond. Then we take a look at, it is necessary to give the United States realize Obama promised the people who would like to give the benefits, as well as his "green" concept, where the source?
In my opinion, the first source can only realistically demand that the United States are the people to ride out the storm, to a certain extent to change their extravagant lifestyles. Of course this matter is very difficult, from frugal to extravagant easy, by the extravagance frugal difficult. But Obama could make use of its high popularity, and guide the people to the United States in the same direction.
After all, even if the United States are true to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent, it is only now reached the Chinese per capita carbon emission level can be done now that China is also still alive, why Americans can not? At least to some extent on changing the extravagant lifestyle, the United States are all "change" basis. Without this foundation, all the so-called "change" is only empty talk.
But Obama's policy strategy and the speech did not involve such a direction, but can give off more extravagant promises of life. That is to say, where Obama shout themselves hoarse cry of "change" is just a look to the sky "change" promises a pie hypocrisy, and many Americans believe that such a promise, it shows they will not have What Offer.
The second source is rich, that is, the United States the rich get surgery, take things from them, that is left to implement economic policy. Obama has this meaning, it also makes the United States at home and abroad, leftists ecstatic. But he took office, the left's economic policy in the end the promise will come true? If you do not deliver, he lived up to today filled with hope that the election came to power put him voters.
Although the United States after the presidential election on the general election will promise a discount, but you totally not count or speak a lot of questions. If you honored? Taxes, to punish those who put the business moved to the United States overseas enterprises? If so, they simply can not when the United States business enterprise, how you? Now the world is not ready to implement the economic policy left a lot of places, so do If Obama is likely to put off business, that's not give the U.S. economy worsened it?
Take the immediate things that the U.S. Big Three auto companies, if not the drastic reduction of wages, or at least reduce the U.S. foreign auto plants, such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda and other levels, that is not saved.
Even if it can save months, only a year or so, or not be able to save Forever. Therefore, it is necessary to save the American economy, the economic policy of the left simply is not feasible, we must in some places than it is now left, and some places than it is now right. Obama has the political intelligence to do it? Has the political capital to do it? These are not my watch.
Obama is now in his inaugural speech has been published. His inaugural speech short, it is clear to go, "the socialist road." He said: "small government, big society" not to do on your quarrels, and I the big government on a big government; the free market do not do your quarrels, and my government intervention of the government intervening. This seems quite Roosevelt's spirit, but I have already said that today the United States and Roosevelt is very different time:
Roosevelt's time the United States, strong production capacity, surely it is an overproduction, the problem of insufficient effective demand, and the United States today, it already owes the debt, rather than insufficient effective demand, but domestic production capacity simply can not meet its own consumer desires of the problem. Prescription rule with the same symptoms exactly the opposite, I look to a bigger problem.
I really do not see Obama will be better able to put the United States from the financial crisis save. I have said, the United States financial crisis has a profound reason, generally, is that it, in every respect, old, American "children of the Eight Banners" of the.
Problem of an aging American society makes today's financial crisis in the United States did not so severe in 1929, than it was a bigger problem, for anyone, but like Hillary, McCain, such as at least sound a little less wind that cow.
The third source is a foreigner. First, cheating, cheating foreigners money. At the United States after the unexpected financial casino, the difficulty of this matter more and more high, and everyone not only to accept the lesson, but also money to be fooled by it ---- only want to go to Wall Street may be "hunters" of the Chinese comprador also China ready with money to take the initiative to go was it cheating. Two foreigners are to borrow.
May be present, there is no guarantee that European allies in their own, they would very tight money, the money may not help it. Even the United States the most iron, is also the most wealthy ally Japan, are all continuous reduction of the United States government bonds.
Only to pay it a regular beat, was it as a potential enemy of China, there are still dedicated to its holdings of treasury bonds, but the dissenting voices in China increased gradually so that any person, to the United States no longer has deep feelings to a lot of money to help it when there is fear heart.
The fourth source could only be robbed. Super-strong military force the United States, the United States This is the only prominent strengths. My boss has a friend who are American, and she at my blog on the Guest Book Road: "The United States has sub-bosses and we talk about the United States fiscal deficit are difficult to resolve, and I said there is a lot of natural resources in Alaska, the United States can use this as a mortgage repayment .
Him without hesitation to say that there had truly suffered years the United States can not continue, the worse we have so many troops can go out money, why should the seller when it? "It seems that American is still quite candid, straightforward and in times of economic crisis they first thought is to use the armed forces go out robbing. This is my look very representative of American opinion, but those journalists, professors, politicians may not so straightforward to say so. However, as I have said before, the American fight in Iraq has been proven inefficient, if trying to scramble for Iraq is also much more powerful than the country does not necessarily earn.
Obama is not a withdrawal from Iraq and focus to China and Russia for a more strategic threat to Afghanistan, Pakistan frontline吗? However, manufacturing or fueling tensions, inciting other countries to fight, and then sell arms to make money, the United States is indeed a long item. Therefore, the Middle East, such as the tense situation in the subcontinent of South Asia should be expected.
Obama rock star-style "change"
In short, the United States are not the problem be solved so easily, no one in power can not be easily resolved, but the Obama rock star-style governance are even more will not work. I watch him in power than Hillary, McCain, and even George W. Bush. Maybe someone will say that the United States political system is good, be able to check a no political experience and wisdom of the president, or even be able to restrict a mess of the President, I recognized at a considerable extent on that. But this way, the United States so-called "change" has become a nonsense.
Someone put the United States elect a black president this matter are the United States consider itself an important change in society, which means that the United States think of racism in society has been completely cleared and that the people of all ethnic groups all over the world are moving toward a one world important milestone. "New York Times" said that Obama was elected the United States has removed "ethnic barriers," some Chinese scholars also said that Obama was elected the United States shows the race to downplay the problem. I must not look. First of all, the United States or the race will not solve the problem, have the possibility of deterioration.
If so good race problem to solve, and now the United States should have been non-existent boundaries between whites and blacks live together the ---- are several hundred years, and should have been more or less assimilated. May be the fact that the boundaries between white and black or clear-cut exists. This time, if only the white vote, Obama still lost.
Some people say that Obama has the Democratic Party in recent decades has created a white voter at the highest support rate, but, taking into account the years George W. Bush is unpopular both inside and outside the policy and financial crisis caused by the incomparable weather, favorable terrain, and, if Obama was a white, I think he must also win at white voters.
Again, you take a look at McCain's speech to concede defeat when the scene: the presence of almost all white, when McCain said Obama was elected to congratulate when an audience boos. Pro George W. Bush to step down at the time there is a speech, warned Republicans not to have much hatred for Obama, this is precisely described in the Republican Party of grievances against Obama for the past more than a general change of regime.
In my opinion, some of the United States the concept of strong white racism but rather because this time the failure has become more "racist" and there is probably more from the idea into action. Of course, the United States also has a considerable number of whites are immersed in their country to elect a black president give them moral superiority, the United States the most recent public opinion polls also show that most people are willing to give Obama more time to obtain effectiveness.
But I think that this American delighted by the absence of Obama bring them rapidly to keep pace with the substantive benefits, I hope soon turned into disappointment, which they instinctively racist sentiment, will also up?
At an international level, said the United States are facing greatly complicated the international situation, and I doubt Obama can do a better job. Obama is elected, cheers in Europe than the United States is also strong, and look forward to the United States will abandon Bush's unilateral time, just tough. However, to abandon unilateralism and hard-line policy, the United States in the field of international relations on the question must be addressed? There are some questions.
One is the question of Iraq. Obama campaign prepared to honor the promises it made when, in his 16 months withdrawal from Iraq and focus on Afghanistan吗? Now a lot of support for him all the people of the United States look forward to fulfilling their promises, he does. If he really can be done, for the United States in the Middle East influence and control exactly what it means?
It's hard to say. All that can be said is that Obama is prepared to concentrate troops to Afghanistan, Pakistan, the frontline in order to strengthen the containment of China and Russia, the United States national interests may be a correct choice. Another Russian problem, the Russian attitude to the challenges the United States are obvious. Russian President Medvedev was elected at the same day Obama delivered his State of the Union strongly condemned the United States, and clearly announced:
Because the United States to deploy anti-missile system in Europe, the Russian missile forces refuse to dissolve the three groups, at the same time ready to deploy at Kaliningrad "Iskander" missile system, clear the hard-line posture of confrontation. Compared to that period after the Cold War the United States dominance of one pole of a golden era in Russia's confrontation posture makes the United States are facing today's international situation greatly complicated.
Whoever is president when the United States, this is a problem, Obama will be able to do a better job? I doubt. But rather because Obama is black people belong to ethnic minorities in the international issue, if handled properly, he will be more than a white President of the criticism and suspicion.
The inauguration of Obama, went to two million people, a warm atmosphere to the extreme. There is no doubt that people today fall into a loss of its flawless circumstances, the United States needs a rock star look like the president to mobilize the sentiments of everyone so that everyone temporarily forget the reality of embarrassment. Really excellent rock singer Kelly at the scene put the mood of the mobilization to the U.S. such as the rocket soared, but the show must go home, scattered and the U.S. face the reality.
In my opinion, no matter how warm the people are now the United States to support Obama, as long as he could not bring immediate tangible benefits, the United States today, demonstrated by his support for national unity, will soon be converted into doubt, criticism and split, the higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. In today's difficult times, from the ethnic minorities as president, the success will stop immediately, otherwise they would soon be transformed into a disadvantage, he would not be the majority ethnic background of the president could get the kind of understanding and trust.
Me in front of the majority of judgments from the point of view of the United States. I do not intend to "jinx" the United States, I just say some of their own doubt, to remind everyone except one other than the possibility of optimism, rather than necessity. I sincerely hope that the success of the people the United States. From the Chinese point of view, we need the United States are warning of serious crisis, in order to select out of the crisis of war or instigation of the war.
Therefore, Cheung Siu-yin, General December 2, 2008 in the "Liberation Army Daily" published the article that "We must abandon the 'peaceful army, to build peace army' concept, firmly establish the idea of the ready to fight", is very correct and timely.

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