China does not want to worsen the situation: But the United States cut off its own arm to save his life!

China has a huge amount of American bonds and foreign exchange reserves, the United States in a dire economic crisis, the Chinese do not want bad people to do when he is down, the hands of U.S. dollars and sell bonds, and high-profile appeal to the United States Government to maintain its credit, to keep its promise to protect the safety of Chinese assets. However, in order to keep alive the United States to defend itself, has since broken his arm!
Reported yesterday declared that "the Federal Reserve two-day meeting to decide on interest rates unchanged, but use 750 billion to buy mortgage bonds, 500 billion of bonds to buy two rooms, in addition, it was surprising that boldly injected 1.2 trillion dollars into the economy, and substantial long-term government bonds buy American. "
(Here is China's trillion trillion, not the United States, the translation of M, 1 trillion = 1,000,000,000,000) In other words, the Federal Reserve has been ignoring all that has at its 5 trillion in debt cases, continue to raise 1.2 trillion debt It started HKNPL machine. Accordingly, the dollar index falling sharply, so the euro soaring more than 500 points, from one euro against 1.3025 U.S. dollars rose to 1.3520 U.S. dollars.
This shows that the United States face the direction of the economic crisis has no stroke can, wits, but because the Fed has the world the right to issue currency, the consequences of stroke are all together with the elimination of wealth, by when it is red " soil rich man ", apart from the depreciation of the dollar, the depreciation of its bond together. This is the United States can only suppress the symptoms, not the illness, since his arm off at the same time will also be buried with Chinese kind!
The United States beyond the face of unusual economic measures should be necessary to profoundly rethink the Chinese. Their own interests rather than leave the hands with others, passive inaction, it is better to have the order and take the initiative to reduce the United States bonds, foreign exchange investment spread quickly to change the current U.S. dollar-based investments. You heartless, do not blame me for no moral! American reliable, sows at the tree. Rely on people than on their own!

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