Enlightenment of modern warfare: The use of the toilet should not surrender Yugoslavia

Go to school during the "The Economist cafes" have read an article on, mentioned, Chinese scholars to visit Yugoslavia, in conversations with local scholars have been such a surprising information: Since the American bombing of Yugoslavia a lot of city utilities paralysis, of course, including water systems, toilets can not be used, therefore, the residents into the home of the smell, intolerable, resulting Yugoslav war-weariness, what the national interests of all thrown at the back, the United States eventually chose to surrender .
Due to bad toilets and the enemy to surrender, in fact, is not too strange. Modern city life more and more convenient, but also more and more fragile. Many domestic elite association of war a lot of fear, I am afraid that with this. Elite who have been accustomed to the life of extravagance and dissipation, where withstand disruption and shock of war. In fact, the war is double-edged sword, bring disaster to the country at the same time, will bring disaster to the enemy, each country's residents do not want to watch at home does not go red stool, including the United States. As long as there is strength and determination, China will give careful consideration to other countries the problem toilets. Elite who dominated the right to speak, put the fear of war delivered to the enemy, the more arrogant lawless enemy. Look at the recent Malaysia Philippines Korea Vietnam and other countries act in any way did not pay attention to Chinese.
China has vast rural areas, in town for the characteristics of warfare in modern warfare are immense buffer to. From then on we can see that China is now the city - rural dual economic structure of society has the potential advantages. China should not use the city as the direction of rural development, it is neither feasible, and a lot of drawbacks. China should be considered from a strategic height and rural development.

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