Steven Chu has been a time bomb embedded, Beijing is still unable to extricate themselves immersed in the fantasy

Minister of Energy The United States had just taken office when Steven Chu, Beijing rejoicing and all smiling, thinking that when the minister of the Chinese are always taken into account China's interests. However, Chu's recent "carbon tariff" for Sino-US trade has been a time bomb embedded in Beijing China and the United States is still immersed in the illusion of harmony, and unable to extricate themselves.
Steven Chu is the first Chinese-American, but also a famous scientist, his scientific rigor, formally of "carbon tariffs" attitude problems, and in the United States House of Representatives on the Scientific Group Meeting said that if other countries did not implement a mandatory greenhouse gas reduction ranked measures, then the United States will introduce a "carbon tariff", which will contribute to fair competition.
This is undoubtedly the United States put on a layer of trade protectionism gorgeous coat. Calculation of carbon emissions in accordance with the law, a large number of Chinese products will not be able to maintain the existing price advantage against the United States, there will be a sharp fall in the export situation. Even for a slight price advantage, be able to enter the U.S. market of products, because of "carbon tariffs" as a tax falling into the hands of the U.S. government capsule, the fame and fortune to the United States, while Chinese products profit not only further diluted, and will put a pollution of the environment, shall be forever free of the shackles of notoriety.
At the same time, once the United States the implementation of "carbon tariffs", EU countries will? Efficiency, China's export market will jittery, very depressed.
Beijing to the United States use this against us and is taken by surprise. Obama sing the elegant tone of energy environmental protection, trade protection of the real line, after "buying American goods, with American" old-fashioned trade protectionism by countries condemn, into the dead end, but Obama quickly with environmental protection and clean energy new clothes, re-packaging trade protectionism beast.
Talk about friendly everywhere beaten
Beijing has demanded that the United States to protect Chinese assets in the United States security, Obama should do to ensure that "kind managers" role between the twinkling of an eye, the Federal Reserve Board will have a crazy print banknotes holdings American bonds, cause Chinese assets shrink new plan.
And Beijing has just against trade protectionism from the war in relief in one breath, in exchange for trade protectionism are not in favor of Obama's commitment, however, another round of more "carbon tariff" trade war, has been to provoke the United States. This is only the field of business disaster, not to mention the United States in the Chinese coastal provocative, and provoking day, the Philippines has been a provocation to China and other countries. It can be said that Beijing Sino-US friendly talk, but vulnerable to attack everywhere.
Chinese negotiator Lee Development and Reform Commission was informed at a high "carbon tariff" news, angrily told the media, the collection of such tariffs would be a "disaster", could trigger a trade war, and contrary to the relevant WTO agreements. However, this set of pre-Chinese fantasy, after the persuasion of the urgent way, as if women turn their first friendly gestures also criticized the show code, except to allow a more arrogant and outside the United States simply can not play a role in persuasion.
Beijing is a fantasy of every American in fact have been refuted, including the use of Chinese cabinet Obama fantasy. Obama's? Efficiency proposed by the ancient Chinese "Using one barbarian to control the other " to a "system-hua-hua", whether it is trade protectionism, or energy standards, the two are the most affected areas of China, was entirely by When the Chinese minister. Beijing needs to rethink this.
Chinese old saying says, "listen to his words and watch his actions." Beijing attitudes towards America, when will the implementation of the latter, rather than just being fooled by their sweet words do?

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