The latest public official DPRK Kim Jong-il photos! Obviously very meager surprised!

This Korean Central News Agency March 20 photo shows that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il (middle), Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang, the newly-built swimming pool inspections.

Kim Jong Il pledged to vigorously develop the automobile industry.

This Korean Central News Agency March 15 broadcast of the photos showed that the top leaders of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il recently visited 1811 artillery units, and watched the firing exercises. Kim Jong-il visited said that the Korean People's Army has developed into a modern offensive and defensive means strong Revolutionary Armed Forces. With such an army, the DPRK socialist indestructible.
DPRK's official Korean Central News Agency Friday (day 20) to disclose the number of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il photos, he appears extremely thin, like the same sick. Dr. Fang Miandi Korea speculated that Kim Jong Il is believed to be sequelae of a stroke, difficulty swallowing, food intake reduction, leading to sharp decline in weight.
Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the Korean Central News Agency public photos showed that Kim Jong Il is Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang visited the new swimming pool, photos of Kim Jong-il was wearing a simple blue Chinese tunic, significantly reduced abdominal fat, neck also thinner, so the bottom of the right ear to the lower jaw more pronounced wrinkles, chin to his chest muscles have become ptosis. Kim Jong Il in particular, his hands clinging to the swimming pool stairs handrails photos, it also seemed very thin right shoulder, the shoulder to the chest are also thinner, clothing is not that physical, visible forearm muscles obviously a lot of thin.
While the news agency said only a recent photo shoot, did not mention the date, also failed to disclose the date of inspection, but with Kim Jong-il in the March 8 vote to participate in the Supreme People's Assembly, as well as the March 15 visit Jazeman 1811 firing of artillery units photographs compared to the meager obviously a lot of Kim Jong Il, it is very surprising. According to reports, the 67-year-old Kim Jong Il in August last year, had a stroke before and after, and lead the parties to the speculation that his successor.
Korea's neurology and rehabilitation doctors speculated that Kim Jong-il weight plummeted and intentionally lose weight has nothing to do, but appears difficult to swallow food after-effects of stroke, because stroke patients at rehabilitation, even if obesity, doctors do not encourage them to control their weight. People healthy and normal swallowing food, the tongue will be pushed back food corporation, then the peristaltic esophageal Mission will slowly eat into the stomach, then absorbed into the body.
But if suffering from a stroke, which may be obstacles to peristalsis appeared difficult to swallow food sequelae, such symptoms as soon as possible after a stroke at two or three months, up to six months and then gradually disappear.
In addition, the Korea University professor of medicine home hospital Cao qinghuan think, diabetic patients will also be sharply reduced weight, muscle atrophy of the situation. Because of the body of thin build, stride length also become smaller, it is difficult to walk more than 30 minutes, often in their daily lives are seriously tired.
Network media quoted North Korea Daily NK The source said that Kim Jong Il inspected by the end of February will be Nanjing, the people on the stairs when the required support by the arm, at the ground around them also have two security officers to follow body, confirmed that Kim Jong Il is indeed poor physical status.

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