China Chongqing sentinel case happened to include attacks on troops to combat areas of counter-terrorism

At noon today, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau spokesman to DragonSoft reporter said at 19:42 on March 19, is located in Chongqing High-tech Zone Shiqiaopu a barracks troops stationed in Chongqing Municipality of sentinel armed attacks by criminals, by all rescue measures proved ineffectual Sentinel death, criminals stole an automatic rifle.
Received a report, the Chongqing police immediately activated the emergency disposal of the program, the police devote the police investigation.
Chongqing municipal government attaches great importance to the case, the CPC Central Committee Politburo member and party secretary of Bo, Wang Hongju, mayor and other leaders have been given instructions to the detection of the case demands.
Police are now available under the circumstances, the case has been included in the scope of anti-terrorism combat.

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