Chinese aircraft carrier could not hide: 048 Chinese aircraft carrier command works quietly unveiled

Recently, the naval authorities to meet in Beijing to convey the spirit of the two associations, one of which attended the unit called the "048 Engineering Command." With the Division G major after-loading, etc. The Department, together, are a party committee at the Navy Department, under the leadership of the inter-agencies, that 048 works by the commander-in-chief may serve as deputy commander of the navy, or directly from the commander who, by the deputy commander as Deputy commander-in-chief.
To be sure that the progress of the project far more than India. 048 Office from August 2004 to develop the "048 Project", all the aircraft manufacturers prepare a formal job beginning in mid-2005, including the purchase of ship-based test machine, ship-borne landing gear. Domestic carrier power, power distribution system design has been completed.
048 works of the decision to build a "special large military ships."
Published by Han and Canadian defense review to date, the mobilization of the most enormous power in Eastern Europe, China's overall mining the "048 Project" of the background, motivation, capacity and other related news, all sources have repeatedly confirmed, confirm, reconfirm. Specific conclusions are People's Republic of China officially launched the construction of "special large-scale military ship" project. It will bring the entire military-industrial development, but also time, Hu Jintao presented the biggest gift the army.
048 projects started, also means "hard Jiang, Hu Harvest" the time is drawing to a close.
August 2004, the Central Military Commission begin an aircraft carrier pre-research work, engineering, called "048 Project", medium-sized aircraft carrier.
Development of aircraft carrier, the State's position is not only the building and maintenance of military sea power, would like to carrier-building as a leader, lead smelting, machinery manufacturing, materials, mechanical and electrical products, electronics and other heavy industry development, put the military to the people. Aircraft carrier after the related industries to a new level, but the formation of industrial chain and related technologies can be transferred to civilian production, the formation of new competitiveness. This time, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises as part of an appropriate place finalists, the selection under way.
Chinese aircraft carrier road: --- 048 code-named Project Catapult, block II, special deck of two heavy steel ------ Deyang Group (have been delivered or part of delivery)
Hudong-Zhonghua Group goes ------------ Changxing (unknown)
Ship with bearings Harbin Bearing Group -------- (already delivered)
Boiler -------- Harbin boiler factory fittings (already delivered)
Special ships ---- Anshan Iron and Steel Plates, Baoshan Iron and Steel (already delivered)
---------- 601 aircraft Houses (at the Institute)
Navy fighter aircraft - owned Assets Supervision and Administration (developing)
Designed ships -------- 701 China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry (Technical freeze or stereotyped)
Ship design - CSIC 701 institute (the finalization of design)
Supporting ships --------CSSC, Hudong-Zhonghua Changxing Island, Dalian Heavy Industries, Huangpu Shipbuilding (has started)
------ Huludao supporting nuclear plants,CSSC Changxing (already started or ready to start)
Auxiliary ship ---------- Hudong-Zhonghua Changxing, Huangpu Shipbuilding, Guangzhou Shipyard (already started)
Supply ship - 886/887
Training ship ---------- Dalian Heavy Industries (already started)
Central 02 projects, also known as the national key projects, 02 country projects, namely, carrier training ship, reportedly sought assurances that the project node in service in 2009.
02 so-called national projects, for training carrier, is clearly required by the project team at the 2009. Say no contact, in addition to plans to expand Dalian.
048 project that is approved in August 2004, the code has probably means that the whole project, including its domestic carrier supporting sub-projects, has also made possible only aircraft carrier project.
Project 048, approved in August of 04, can talk about the whole project including the carrier or escort carrier, such as project
609 project may refer to domestic ship-borne aircraft engineering, F-11 carrier-based, design reference SU33, alleged to have been replaced by the new code, specifically unknown.
609 projects, the Navy fighter projects are possible on the basis of the J - 11, from the Soviet Union -33
Rumors of the program:
A program of: 48,000 tons standard row, row over 60,000 tons, conventional power, catapult take-off Program B: Standard row 48,000 tons, 60,000 tons full schedule, nuclear power, the ejection took off around 50.
2 possible plans:
AR - standard load of 48,000 tons, 60,000 tons full load, the conventional power to catapult, about 50 fixed, the Rotary Club
B - the same in addition to nuclear power
The status of Chinese-made aircraft carrier works speculation and rumors:
More Rumors
1,9985 works, that is, the central 99 of the aircraft carrier was approved project plan was launched in 2004, was dropped after the side of reason, the program schedule for the standard 30,000 tons full platoon of about 45,000 tons, conventional power, catapult take-off.
9985 approved the project 99 will launch 04, but for some reason there is canned.
2, about 048 works, rumors: exist at least have to study for the purpose of a carrier module or platform, but has not yet started.
9985 project, that is, the central 99 of the aircraft carrier was approved project plan was launched in 2004, was dropped after the side of reason, the program schedule for the standard 30,000 tons full platoon of about 45,000 tons, conventional power, catapult take-off.

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