Japan has to give Taiwan's "National treatment" experts say are the challenges of China's sovereignty

According to Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" reported on the 19th, Japan will implement the new registration system for foreigners, which at the date of the nationality of Taiwan people will be registered as "Taiwan." In this regard, Chinese experts have pointed out that previously, the Taiwan compatriots to travel and do business in Japan, nationality are registered as "Chinese (Taiwan)." Japan to give Taiwan the "State" specification, is the Chinese Government and people of a serious challenge to the bottom line. Reported that the Japanese government has proposed to Congress on the immigration of foreigners Management Law. Under this bill, in 2012 Japan will be the use of "card to stay at" the new system to replace the existing alien registration card, a residence by the Immigration Authority for more than three month in Japan of foreigners who have issued the "stay at cards." On the card, the nationality of the columns will be recorded as a "nationality or the Japanese government admit the passports issued by the region." "Global Times" reporter noted that other Japanese media have also reported, but only the "Sankei Shimbun" special reference to Taiwan. "Sankei Shimbun" warning that this may be caused by the Chinese government, both Japan's ruling party or opposition parties should be prepared to deal with the preparation.
Reported that, in Japan since 1972, after diplomatic relations with China, do not recognize Taiwan as the "State", but the Taiwan authorities and the Palestinian Autonomous Region passport issued as a "decree of the regional authorities have competence to issue the documents", be acknowledged that the Palestinian people, their nationality since the bar from the previous year to register as "Palestine", the Taiwan people were recorded as "Chinese" or "Chinese (Taiwan)."
Registration for the day to modify the practice field, a researcher at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Japanese Studies, Gao Hong, said: "The Taiwan issue involves China's national unity, are the strategic core of the question is the Chinese Government and people can not challenge the bottom line. Day in 1972 restored diplomatic relations since the normalization of Japan to admit Taiwan is not a sovereign state, but rather an inseparable part of China's sovereignty. "
Gao Hong stressed that the issue of sovereignty can not be violated, in the past, Taiwan to the Japanese tourist and business, the nationality of registration are writing "Chinese (Taiwan)," but the Japanese want to give Taiwan's "National" specifications, are the Chinese government and Chinese people the bottom line of the most serious challenges. He said: "This challenge is even lower than the Diaoyu Islands and the textbook problem even more serious problem. Japan's politicians should take a more sensible attitude, the Japanese public should understand China's position and feelings of the people."
In recent years, some Japanese right-wing regularly for Taiwan's "name" activities, such as "Friends of Lee Teng-hui's" repeatedly held demonstrations. Japanese political circles also exist for Taiwan's "name" of the undercurrent, the Liberal Democratic Party, composed of members of Congress "to promote cultural exchanges between Japan and Taiwan will be the younger's" is one of them.

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