Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag sailing simultaneously with Chinese aegis destroyer

China militaryChinese aircraft carrier Varyag is a large conventionally powered aircraft carrier. Its shape is very majestic, typical Soviet-style. In addition to the original design of carrier-based aircraft, but also has powerful anti-ship, air defense, anti-submarine weapons. Aircraft carrier Varyag was 68% of the initial period of Nikolaev shipyard by the Soviet Union (also known as the Black Sea shipyard) design and construction. After the sale by the Black Sea Shipyard, Dalian Shipyard for repairs by the Chinese modification, and will become the People's Liberation Army Navy fixed-wing combat aircraft equipped with an aircraft carrier.

052C destroyer is the first generation air defense missile destroyer of Chinese navy with phased array radar and vertical launch system, which is known as Chinese Aegis. This is a kind of excellent world-class warship that China independently made.

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