Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag can be served early this year

China militaryThe huge title of aircraft carrier Varyag on service soon appeared on the front page of the latest issue of Hong Kong Mirror magazine,  and it was precisely this newspaper disclosed firstly last year accurate information that Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag sea trials.

December 29, Chinese carrier platform Varyag returned the Port of Dalian after its the third time trials

According to the analysis from Mirror - Twice sea trials within one month, only a nine-day rest during the period, it indicated that there has no problem of ship engineering and technical problems for the aircraft carrier, the  aircraft carrier will be searved soon, the specific time of it depends on the of political consideration of Chinese leaders, its believed that this century dream will be realized early 2012.

Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag returned to complete the third sea trial

Chinese aircraft carrier fleet with sea trials have been linked to the concept of the study, there was a lot of analysts believe that China will set up a fleet of three independent fourth fleet, and then there are the "Mirror" commented that China will not copy the U.S. model set up aircraft carrier fleet.

This period of January 2012 the latest issue of the "Mirror" article at the end, to quote the sources, the South East sub-transmission base to build three aircraft carriers - "does not reflect what the problem deployment locations. It is said that China plans to build three from south to north aircraft carrier base, a South China Sea have been completed, but not complete finished; the East China Sea an under construction; the North Sea still being planned, on-line satellite images means that the port is being built. the next few years, 'Varyag' aircraft carrier will dock in Dalian Heavy Industries as the main parking. "

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