Iran Said To Have Captured 7 U.S. UAV, RQ-170 Is Just One Of Them

China militaryIsrael may be involved in the U.S. UAV war for several months against Iran. Iran's official English-language daily "Tehran Times" reported yesterday that Iran had mastered the "four and three Israeli UAV UAV United States," including in Iran recently intercepted RQ-170 "sentinel" surveillance . To support this allegation, the Iranian authorities will soon show these UAVs.

Iranian media quoted officials as saying that four Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles from the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran's eastern border into Iranian airspace, the U.S. UAV is from the east and south, from the Persian Gulf into Iran.

In addition, official media reported that Iranian foreign ambassadors and correspondents will be invited to visit the exhibition, to show them the Iranian capture of UAVs. Israel's "latest news" that is intercepting the United States in Tehran after the start of the UAV as part of psychological warfare, to prove that Iran could defeat any foreign air infiltration attempts against Iran's nuclear facilities, and intelligence missions. Iran's military said that often the "enemy" of the spy plane conflict, meaning the United States and Israel.

In February 2010, Israeli Air Force said a group of "have the ability to reach the Persian Gulf," the UAV in use, and Iran within the scope of its operations. Then display the "Heron" TP UAV wingspan of 26 meters, more than 20 hours battery life, can be assembled missiles. Israel's participation in the U.S. covert war against Iran may exacerbate the conflict in this sensitive area, a few months ago, the area of ​​verbal threats and hostilities continue.

This year saw a number of reconnaissance aircraft entered Iran event, the international community toward Iran's nuclear program is also growing concern. In January, Iran's Revolutionary Guards commander announced over the Persian Gulf to intercept the two UAVs. The face of Tehran's accusations that Washington does not deny participating Running. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Tuesday in an interview, said that in Iran and Afghanistan border reconnaissance operations "will certainly continue."

As diplomatic pressure against Iran's stagnation, the other secret U.S. military operation carried out in order to prevent the progress of Iran's nuclear program, Israel is also involved in such action, in order to avoid the development of their military opponents of nuclear energy.

Tehran stressed that if the threat that the uranium enrichment plant, will be moved, and said if the United States and Israel continue to threaten Iran, they will be "eliminated from the earth."

Research Center, Iran's military strategy, General Ali Shamkhani said today, if the U.S. continues to violate Iranian airspace, Iran will more U.S. spy plane shot down.

According to Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency reported, Shamkhani stressed recently intercepted an RQ-170 "sentinel" stealth unmanned reconnaissance aircraft as shown by the Iranian experts.

Shamkhani said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran to protect its airspace will be no compromise." He believes that if it continues to violate Iranian airspace, the United States should be punished by the international standards.

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