Chinese Aircraft Carrier Will Be Used For Offshore Defense And Execute Tasks Outside

China militaryWith economic growth, China's interdependence with the global market are deepening. Therefore, only on the base of the increase and stabilization in trade, resources and energy supply, China's long-term development goals can be realized. Energy supply has become a Chinese priority. At present, China's dependence on energy imports increased rapidly, such as the needs are not met, could restrict economic growth. Chinese Aircraft Carrier is moe important to it.

Satellite image of Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag sea trials  

2011 U.S. Department of Defense's annual report, Beijing's regional energy strategy aimed at reducing China's sea lanes, particularly in the South China Sea and the Malacca Strait and the Strait of Hormuz is heavily dependent. China's current limited ability to control via the Indian Ocean and the Strait of logistics. As countermeasures, coastal waters between China and these countries to develop bilateral relations, the construction of infrastructure in these countries to provide support for the national fleet. In addition, China signed with a number of energy-rich Central Asian oil and natural gas supply agreement. However, the new onshore oil and gas pipeline repair limited role in future, China will enter a lot of energy from the sea.

In terms of energy security, trust, and it seems as important channels of access to resources. China will not rest assured that the United States Navy patrol and maintain law and order in the high seas. Therefore, China will tend to their own protection and control of sea lanes. Chinese Aircraft Carrier will be used for offshore defense and outside the mission, especially in the Indian Ocean.

Energy security ambitions with China to expand relations between the north was little attention. On the surface, China's advance in Asia Pacific, mainly to counter U.S. strategic moves. Due to climate change impact on Arctic ice, there will appear a new route. China's increasingly active part in international affairs on the Arctic Ocean, trying to influence the new political environment and legal framework. According to estimates, 25% of the world's oil and gas exploration is not possible in the Arctic. Therefore, the competition for global resources probably lead to the militarization of the Arctic. If the United States and Canada on pipeline talks broke down, China will have the opportunity to intervene. Once the oil shipped to the North American west coast and then shipped to China is easy. China's naval modernization including Chinese Aircraft Carrier will help to protect these areas and supply lines.

In short, China is gradually changing as the ocean from the continental countries countries to gradually shift the focus of naval modernization, in order to protect a variety of resources available. China has chosen the sea lanes through the delivery of energy and other commodities, but the lack of control of its sea lanes. China does not trust the U.S. Navy for the former to promote military modernization and upgrading to provide reasonable grounds.

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