Chinese Aircraft Carrier On 3rd Round Of Sea Trials, Expected To Last 9 Days

China militaryYesterday afternoon, Chinese aircraft carrier platform Varyag began its third sea trials. According to the same period of navigational warnings from Dalian Maritime Bureau show that the sea trial is expected to last nine days.

December 20, Chinese aircraft carrier varyag left the dock for on 3rd round of sea trials 

Dalian Maritime Bureau issued navigational warnings show that the northern Yellow Sea at 8:00 on December 21 to at 10:00 on December 29 "OC30000-5 #" ship sailing in the waters of a trial, prohibited from entering the ship.

According to its published range of four-point connection, this area is located southeast of the Yellow Sea, Dalian.

In the carrier for the first time, the second a sea trial when the Department of Defense Information Office have issued official sources, this is no news release. Aircraft carrier has become the norm of the sea trial, the outside world which can remain rational view.

The possible regional of the sea trials

Accordance with international practice, aircraft carrier project sea trial is a ambitious project, there is the basic stage.

Experts have said previously, the French Charles de Gaulle's sea trial time is four years, the U.S. aircraft carrier sea trials generally have 1 to 2 years time. On this basis, to request delivery of military training. Carrier from the current actual use of the future still have a long time.

Aircraft carrier at sea journey: August 10 morning, China's first aircraft carrier first flight test platform, returning the morning of August 14, a total of 5 days. November 29 morning, the carrier platform, the second sea trials Dec. 11 return, lasted 13 days.

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