Vietnam Agents Are More Like The PLA

China militaryVietnam agents force was formed in 1964, and they in the 10-year war against the United States has made considerable progress. During the war, they launched their long-term guerrilla war against U.S. military, and blown heavily the head authority, important military facilities and logistics system of the U.S. military. After the war, Vietnam continued to expand and strengthen the military agents, and they were developed into a large unit with 13 agent groups, an airborne brigade, the total strength of 20,000.

Vietnam Special Forces combat training is mainly to infiltrating behind and sneak into enemy   

Going through the barrier

Building raid drill

Going through the wire barrier

Vietnam special operations close combat training 

vietnam special operations

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vietnam special forces,vietnamese special forces

silenced submachine gun

Ready for training

Jumping through the ring of fire,vietnamese special forces lldb,north vietnamese special forces

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