Japan Captured The Photos Of The New Training Airport For China's Carrier-based Aircrafts

China militaryChina is building a new training airport for carrier-based aircrafts, shown according to the satellite photos taken by a Japanese private company October 16 .

 China's new training airport for carrier-based aircraft 

China is continuously improving naval combat, including the ability to maintain operations, Varyag aircraft carrier. August 2011, China has completed to convert the old Soviet aircraft purchased from Ukraine, and then  a successful trial.

 China's carrier-based aircraft training airport 

A private company in Japan captured the satellite photos of Xingcheng, a coastal city near of Liaoning Province, China, the photographs show that China is building a new airport in local. Reported analysis, the airport may be used as a carrier-based aircraft training. In addition, the company captured the satellite photos of around Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, and the same training airport also was found.

With the view of U.S. and Japanese defense departments, in order to expedite the formation of the fighting ability of aircraft carrier battle group, China is stepping up the training for carrier-based aircraft unit. In this regard, the US-Japan defense-related personnel are busy for the further research and analysis on the China-related trends.

China's carrier-based aircraft raining airport design

carrier-based aircraft

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Chinese aircraft carrier

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