Gaddafi Was Remote Locked By U.s. Military When He Fled

     China militaryGaddafi killed October, 20 surprised a lot of people very suddenly. British "Daily Telegraph" Restoring the day, it is really ready to leave the day Gaddafi in Sirte, but their whereabouts was soon traced to the United States, and immediately sent unmanned aerial vehicles targeted.

Gaddafi killed pictures

     It turned out that the United States in 6000 miles away in the Nevada desert air base, the professionals in the United States has been found from the computer screen, residents in the second zone in the Sirte anomalies. Analysts to guide UAV "Predator" Gaddafi's motorcade quickly lock off, followed by a Hellfire missile hit the lead vehicle fleet Gaddafi.

     After the opposition of the soldiers rushed to the scene. Terms for Gaddafi, the team has been broken up, everybody will escape. Gaddafi himself, though not killed, but wounded in the leg, and is surrounded by a lot of people have been killed. Gaddafi to go north, first to a farm, then to a main road, then came to the sewer. Then after that is what the media widely reported that Gaddafi was pulling out from the sewer.

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