Chinese Army Tanks, Air Defense Artillery Group

China militaryA combined arms air-ground joint military exercise was held in the western highland at an altitude of 4,500 meters. This is the message the first time under the condition of our military organization in the high altitude alpine region joint air-ground combined arms integration exercise. The air-ground coordination exercises, multi-level interaction, and explore the information under the condition of the joint air-ground training in the road, to test the joint combat capability of Chinese army in plateau.

Chinese army tanks group

China anti-aircraft missiles for the Army to implement counter-air targets

Rocket group launched a strong blow to the target 

Army infantry machine gun fire to attack ground targets

Army Air Force to provide air support for ground attack

A heavy fighter low altitude attacks the ground target

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I hope they are not gonna plan to use that on a next world war.
Things like this shouldn't be made at all.