Love and tolerance the most powerful weapon facing terror

New Jersey, built a new "open skies" monument. The monument to commemorate the "9.11" incident killed 746 citizens of New Jersey built, will be unveiled in 10 days.

Susan Rui Dike, widow of the victims

Jonas, the first on-site responders

Jeffrey Liu, witnesses

Rui Sibu extension, the American Muslim

... ...

The ordinary description of the decade, the face of terror,

The most powerful weapon, is from the depths of human love and tolerance

Human beings should learn to shake hands with their

Today we must recognize that human beings are moving in the wrong top. New York a decade ago because of the twin towers came crashing down, has announced that history was changed the original track. Re still running back to the moon and stars, people will spend their lives in the trivial zero debris in, no one has paid attention, the shadow of our feet, or head of the Star, has been slightly different.

When the President of the United States of America claims to stand above the ruins of revenge, he may get a large number of moral support. After all, it is not just one or several buildings collapsed, it was 3000 innocent lives wiped out. They have one member of the human, the right to life should not be arbitrarily deprived of rights. Who raised the bloody knife, whoever should be the trial and punishment.

However, the snap of the fingers ten years, two of revenge is far from over, that the world's most powerful, most prosperous country, in the end gain what? $ 4 trillion war cost 6,000 lives of their soldiers (and allied soldiers killed in action). In Afghanistan and Iraq, 130,000 innocent civilians died in the war, also created 7.8 million refugees.

Yes, Saddam Hussein and his statue have been torn down, but with Saddam Hussein and Iraq was proof of "9.11" terrorist attacks not directly related to, a time-consuming seven years into a war without just cause for embarrassment environment. America's number one "eyesore" Osama bin Laden, has also been under-barrel and die in the Special Forces. However, shortly after the death of the bin Laden, the Taliban shot down an American military aircraft, 30 "Counter Strike" killed. Repayment blood of war, more blood flowing. Old hatreds retaliation actions lead to a new deeper hate.

If people can rise into space, to look back to this one we are living in the blue planet, then we should have another realm and mind. 6.5 billion of various colors, languages, faiths, each country's population, in fact nothing but a vast group of the universe - mankind. From the nascent era of ignorance, to the network world, left the earth brilliant civilization, human beings are always walking shoulder to shoulder brothers. Can not deny the differences and traditions, can not deny the interest and competition, but the solution always lies in tolerance and reconciliation, rather than jealousy and revenge.

Terrorism is evil blade, it is common practice to scratch the rules of humanity, civilization so lame to close from the abyss astray. Terrorism must face the issue, but neither is equivalent to retaliate against terrorism, not the same as war. Decade of success or failure of counter-terrorism, revenge and reconciliation should choose between one answer. Terrorists have chosen the wrong, the wisdom of human society can not follow the remaining error to fall deeper. Prevention and action may still essential, but anti-terrorism need for more tolerance and reconciliation.

Terror is not a nation with a peer, with a particular religion can not be on the other, ethnic confrontation and religious hatred can only add to the world of crack. Reason to be accountable for results, provide a way out of history when the reality. If terrorism based on misunderstanding and hatred, then the human need to reflect and ask ourselves, in the end is when it planted the seeds, leaving a scar in the end is where? This is not a group of people against another group of people ask, which is human as a group, standing in the clouds within the visual and self-awareness. This is not a group of people against another group of people compromise, which is humanity as a whole, and their reconciliation.

As a human wound, "9.11" Ten years is not healing, it is important that we find healing way. Clenched fist with the release, and their own humanity to learn to shake hands.

"Beyond September 11"

"9.11" charitable organization established to help the Afghan widow widow

Ten years ago, "9.11" killed more than 3,000 lives, including Susan's husband David Rui Dike.

Since then, some people will be Muslim and Islamic countries as enemies of the state, distrust and hatred was created. However, Susan Rui Dike, the "September 11 widow," a member of the group, but in a charitable organization established in 2003 to help Afghan widows. "This is not only on their mercy, but also the opportunity to heal your heart." September 4, Susan, told reporters on the Xiaoxiang Morning News. Written / reporter Liang Meilan

Child was born two months ago, her husband gone

September 11, 2001, living in Boston harbor for eight months pregnant, Susan Rui Dike, the original should be "plain and happy day." She lives in Boston with college sweetheart David, was born the third child soon.

David the day on a business trip. Susan on the plane returned a telephone call. After a child, Susan received her husband's message: "Dear, I, I have to call you is to ask good, to say I love you, love you, I call you back later. Bye . "

"Soon after, listening to the radio when I heard the news of terrorist attacks, when I did not know David, in the plane." Susan said.

After returning home, Susan was dismayed to find that David is the flight crashed into the World Trade Center, American Airlines Flight 11. "I suddenly collapsed and you can imagine, I was born when a child is about to lose her husband, which means that the worst nightmare became a reality, it is very cruel." Susan said.

Two months after losing her husband, her daughter Tina was born.

Widowed in the first year, Susan completely a changed man. "I'm crazy and no difference in order to cut the heart out of the pain, I kept participate in all kinds of crazy activities." She said.

The next year, Susan's life becomes a little more calm. See several young children playing together, happy, Susan has been regarded as little consolation.

Decade, Susan has remarried, and others less willing to talk about this experience. "September 11 widow to be labeled 'or September 11 families' label is a very sad thing." Susan, told reporters on the Xiaoxiang Morning News.

Military action would create more widows

"September 11 widow" label is irrevocable. Because of this capacity, Susan received a lot from relatives, friends, government, charities and even strangers at home and abroad to help.

It also began to recover in the days of life, Susan learned that the "9.11" terrorist attacks received training in Afghanistan, U.S. forces arrested and was sent to Afghanistan to launch attacks, "base" organization leader of the pull Dan.

Susan's first reaction was that "military action is bound to make more women become widows like me."

Saw a tragedy of Afghan women on the "Oprah" TV show, Susan learned that in this war-torn country, there lived a desolate widow millions of lives.

"The status of women in Afghanistan have been very low, widow even more. Most of the widows have not received education, no skills to earn a living, even more pathetic is that they are not allowed to inherit her husband's legacy. A lot of people begging for a living." Susan said.

Later, Susan found the same as the "widow 9.11" friend Patty talk about this.

After talking to the establishment of two charitable organizations in the Afghan capital and education to help the widow's decision. "In addition to cherish compassion, this is the opportunity to heal your heart." Susan said.

In 2003, the charitable organization set up, known as "beyond 9.11." Organization's Web site home page so a motto: "Beyond borders, beyond religion and politics, beyond hatred and material, as well as hope and unity."

[Dialogue characters]

Susan Rui Dike

Massachusetts residents. Her husband David, Rui Dike in the "9.11" terrorist killed in the attack. In 2003, Susan created "Beyond September 11" organization, to help the widow living in Afghanistan. Today, Rui Dike has raised over 100 million U.S. dollars for the establishment of more than 1,000 Afghan widows workshop, hundreds of thousands of Afghan widows out of poverty.

September 11, 2010, Susan won the U.S. President Barack Obama issued the 2010 "Presidential National Medal." The White House announced that award-winning grounds, Susan's spirit is commendable. "Her heart seeking reconciliation, facilitate communication, to fight for women's rights and make unremitting efforts to highlight the characteristics of good citizenship of the United States."

More jobs mean less violence

Initially, the organization's main fund-raising widow donated to Afghanistan, and called for more people committed to helping this group to action.

Later, Susan through research, learned that 90 percent of Afghan widows have children who have an average of more than 4 children. 94% of widows are illiterate. Therefore, the "Beyond September 11" the focus shifted to the widow to provide employment and entrepreneurial training.

With Susan's words, more jobs mean less violence. Susan's organization has helped more than 1,000 widows in Afghanistan to build their own business.

Susan introduced, the organization was established, they will buy the Afghan widow raising laying hens, selling eggs to help them to earn income. Another major project is the establishment of women in Bamiyan city center, the widow who can join and learn weaving, weave the cloth exported to foreign countries.

Next, Susan intends to launch micro-credit projects, loans to start businesses need capital widow. In addition, she is planning to train widows to help reduce birth infant mortality.

Susan's efforts by the White House's attention, she also has received a U.S. President Barack Obama issued the 2010 "Presidential National Medal." The award was seen as citizens of the United States high honor.

The White House announced that award-winning grounds, Susan's spirit is commendable. "Her heart seeking reconciliation, facilitate communication, to fight for women's rights and make unremitting efforts to highlight the characteristics of good citizenship of the United States."

At the ceremony, Obama said: "If Susan's heart filled with sadness or anger, no one would blame her, but valuable, she is not the case."

Susan agreed, "Yes, I do not like."

[Dialogue] "in Afghanistan see women begging, I'm sorry."

Xiao Xiang Morning Post: Are you been to Afghanistan? How do you feel?

Susan: I May 2006, when, and Patty visited a Kabul, eyes to see those we helped the widows. Although many times before to see Afghanistan in the television everywhere dressed in robes of the women begging on the streets, but when I saw this scene, I was very sad. Many homeless widow because her husband's estate directly to his male relatives. A profound impact on one thing, we have established farms in more remote areas. Many widows need to walk to there. Because although a large number of bicycles in Afghanistan, but only men can ride.

Xiao Xiang Morning Post: You can give a specific example to help the Afghan widow do?

Susan: Pikai is the widow of one of our help. Her husband died in armed conflict. She can only do in a neighbor's fields to make a living and raising coolie five children. She joined the project after our livestock farming life improved a lot. She points us to a cow. She said, with the cattle, the family has enough milk and yogurt, children's health a lot better. Store owner to let her out of the good price with milk, so a sustainable small business built up. After she intends to raise enough money to send children to school.

Xiaoxiang Morning: As a charitable organization, how did you raise money?

Susan: We will use every opportunity to government agencies and social enterprises in speech and conduct fundraising activities. In addition many businesses and individuals to see or listen to reports on our friends said, after we will take the initiative and contact us and provide financial assistance. Our website will have a donations page, as long as people around the world by VISA or MasterCard online transfer function can contribute.

Xiaoxiang Morning News: "9.11" tenth anniversary is approaching, what are you going to hold the activity?

Susan: That I and hundreds of supporters will hold a lecture entitled "Beyond the bicycle" of riding activities. We will be the New York World Trade Center site "zero zone" as a starting point, to Boston, I live for the end, riding 270 miles. The activities that we organize every year, aims to commemorate the beginning of "9.11" Dead and called on people to raise funds, but also a symbol for her husband David to complete the unfinished home from New York the last section of the road. This year's event is more new meaning, that is, people mark the years made substantial humanitarian assistance efforts.

Xiaoxiang Morning: counter-terrorism operations in the United States this year to achieve the greatest victory, is killed in May when the "base" organization leaders Osama bin Laden, you have to see how?

Susan: I heard the news of bin Laden was killed, and did not feel happy. Instead, I started to worry. Because bin Laden is "base" one, the terrorists are now all over the world, they harm only to rise. Another bin Laden's death would probably provoke terrorist counterattack.

For the terrorist, I am no expert, do not want to comment too much. But I want to say, I do not want terrorists to win, people do not want to bring the whole world, "9.11" when the only thought of hatred. I hope the "9.11" to educate all people can think of doing something good for others.

Extraordinary rescuers

Was hurt, being forgotten, but still trying

Ten years ago, that is frightened of the day, they arrived at 9.11 the first scene of the attack to rescue the hero.

According to reports, about 16,000 are involved in the rescue personnel and residents near the ruins of 2700 is still receiving treatment. More than 40,000 people in the health monitoring range. Many firefighters also had a lung function decline and other issues.

Among them, many people were hurt, many people have been forgotten, but more people do not choose to give up, continue to work in their own workplace.

North Tower collapsed before the onslaught of "guardian angel", they survived

September 11 morning, "World Trade Center," North Building was the first plane hit, the Jonas action group immediately rushed to the scene. He took firefighters rushed to the North Building, and even climb 27 floors, and led to help people down the stairs to the 20th floor or so, they saw a woman standing in the doorway. Her name is Joseph Harris, an accountant member of the New York Port Authority, two weeks ago was hit by a car, mobility, from the 73 floor and stick down. She is crying, unable to continue walking.

Jonas and several teammates carry the Harris with the shoulder, with the crowd to go down to the fourth floor, the building began to collapse, Jonas, who hide in the stairwell. Although surrounded by ruins, but they all survived.

Jonas and others later realized that Harris saved their lives. Because when you met her in downstairs, they slowed down the speed, so the collapse of the building did not reach the extremely dangerous on the first floor hall, where many people were killed in life. They Harris as their "guardian angel."

"People are showing solidarity and love, so far I'm impressed."

"9.11", Jonas and his team every year and Harris always meet a few times. Jonas said, "We become very close, because of what happened and we contact each other, which is the mutual sharing of experience."

People feel sad, this year in mid-January, 69-year-old Harris, a heart attack when alone at home until death. Jonas and colleagues heard the news, along with helping to chip in to pay for her funeral expenses. Jonas and several colleagues carried the coffin of her church, the former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani also attended the ceremony.

Jonas fire squad in the Bronx now, most recently in the "zero zone" (Ground Zero) on duty nearby. Make him feel proud that several of his companions are still working fire, they have a lieutenant, and one still in his old fire ladder where the six teams.

"Is September 11 affected people showing solidarity and love, so far I'm impressed." Jonas said, "I will never forget that day. People who are touched by the story and many great firefighters doing admirable things, and this world will never know. "

[Rescuers pain]

"September 11" On the New York Police Department's traffic patrol officer Richard 阿德米亚克 refuge in a deli when photographed, "I feel like someone with a bag full of cement powder down into my mouth." This picture won the Pulitzer Prize over the past decade has been in the rescue many times with the health claims report. The researchers found that the burning World Trade Center smoke and dust generated can easily lead to asthma and sinus problems.

Not invited to the tenth anniversary of the first responders

Jonas, who was the first rescue at the scene of the hero. Now, in this important commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the event, they have to be cold. According to American media recently reported by the police, firefighters and rescue personnel of the first emergency personnel were not invited to participate in the "9.11" commemoration site.

According to reports, the official to make this decision taking into account the key factors of site constraints and site of the day the security situation. The news of the past heroes are very frustrated, their feat in such a memorable occasion not to be recognized. David from Queens, New York Jacob is the work of volunteers cleaning up the scene, his childhood friend, a firefighter also, "9.11" terrorist attack victims. He said: "attend another commemoration at the time not the slightest significance. For us, we pay too much in that place."

New York City, according to statistics, about 9.1 million people participated in the "9.11" attacks and the subsequent rescue operations after 10 months of cleanup.


He is one of the first rescue, spent their savings cure cancer

Ralph Godard was a fireman involved in the "9.11" of the first rescue operations. In 2003, he was first diagnosed with tongue cancer and cervical cancer, has spent the past few years, a $ 100,000 treatment.

"We almost spent all their savings," his wife, Barbara, said, "Now we only rely on the meager salary to survive."

Godard couples now eager to medical insurance to help them clean up a mountain of medical bills. Obama signed this year were the first rescue bill, they see hope. Act established the $ 1.5 billion fund to pay the "9.11" Rescuer-related illness costs. However, this bill allows the Godard one end into a disappointment, because cancer is not currently in the fund covered.

U.S. CDC explains, "9.11" rescuers exposed to toxic substances in environment, and whether the cancer is not enough scientific contacts.

However, the September 1 issue of medical journal "Lancet," said, "9.11" rescuers risk of cancer was significantly higher than others, a 9853 study tracking the firefighters involved in rescue, they are higher risk of cancer 19%.

Ralph, 54, left the Fire Department in 1985 to go gold mining, September 14, 2001 return to participate in the rescue, he is 36 thousand hours. He Gegegairui also firefighters, "9.11" day in the World Trade Center killed.

"Look at us, we are not charity, but to help." Barbara said.

He insisted on 20 days search and rescue, and now does not seek honor just to forget

Jason Thomas, 37-year-old living in Columbus, Ohio, Ohio Supreme Court Security Officer.

One day in 2006, he saw on TV directed by Oliver Stone film "World Trade Center" trailer. One of the iconic shot of a flashlight described two Marines try to search for survivors in the ruins of the scene. When Thomas saw the familiar scene, he was suddenly surprised. Because the film one of two Marines in a very obviously based on his prototype.

Thomas is indeed involved in the "9.11" in disaster relief. At that time, he and a comrade struggling to be rescued under pressure in the masonry of the two New York Port Authority police officers. Two rescued after he was nearly at the disaster site 20 days of search and rescue. Then they quietly leave without leaving name, it has not put this thing open.

He did not think his story in the film "World Trade Center" to be reflected. Just described the movie marines were white, while Thomas is African American.

In 2006, Thomas won the Ohio Supreme Court issued medals. But he felt that winning feeling very strange.

"I do not think I should win a prize, because I just happen to be in there to help it." He said.

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