Who will become the first Chinese aircraft carrier captain?

Recently, China's first aircraft carrier seems to set sail soon. Domestic and foreign media have predicted that China's first aircraft carrier captain candidates.

In the 1990s, China has a massive selection of qualified active duty military fighter pilot study naval operations, and specifically to engage in a flight captain class. When domestic and foreign media have speculated that China is attempting to prepare the aircraft carrier.

The flight deck of Varyag aircraft carrier has basically been cleared, photoed July 30

I believe that although there are ambitious approved flight captain, the long wait, it will inevitably want to own this life is doomed to become a pioneer. Just as the 1960s and 1970s, China has trained the first batch of astronauts, as in the long wait in his home. Some of them who did not have the opportunity to see China's manned spacecraft into space. Fortunately, these flight captain is not only able to see China's aircraft carrier in service, they will be in an individual carrier's first captain.

In addition to captain on the aircraft carrier, there is nothing critical positions?

United States aircraft carrier battle groups, for example, there are 3 things is the most important commanders.

Is not ranked first captain, but the entire battle group commander.

While the carrier itself is a powerful fighting machine, but its main combat power of military aircraft from the carrier. U.S. aircraft carrier itself has only very limited self-defense anti-aircraft weapons, so at least bring it out every 2-3 escort ships surface ships and underwater vessels 1-2 attack ships, but also there is only accompanied by a corresponding auxiliary supply ships. This force constitutes a basic aircraft combat formation.

Aircraft carrier battle fleet of the highest command of Executive, the whole battle group is naturally the most central figure. Formation to become a commander, in addition to the main surface ships with command experience than at least also have many years of fleet command experience, and completion of the senior naval command courses. As the formation of modern warfare in addition to deal with the enemy, the need to properly handle the non-theater air and sea forces of the enemy's military relationship, so the fleet commander should not be merely a battle of experts, but also has a wealth of international law, international relations and foreign knowledge. Therefore, the entire aircraft carrier battle groups from the point of view, is the supreme commander of the formation commander, but also the ability of the most comprehensive and most experienced naval officer.

Another important figure is the commander of the so-called super wings, that is, the entire fleet of aircraft commander.

In fact, a powerful combat aircraft of all from its carrier-based aviation. U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is just the preparation of a fighter wing, a total of 8-19 months following the flight squadron. The reason why this commander named Super Wing Commander, because although he is a veteran fighter pilot, but generally does not launch operations, but remained in the development of air combat ship program and remote command. Super Wing Commander is a captain with the same level of carrier commander, directly responsible for the formation commander.

Finally, an important figure is of the carrier's captain.

However, the U.S. aircraft carrier captain permission is not large, he is only the captain aboard the giant ship only, no command ship aviation authority. Before the Vietnam War, the U.S. aircraft carrier captain authority is much greater, the ship's air force is also under his direction. However, as air operations become more complex, "Enterprise" and other nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to join, making the number and carrier-based air combat has become ever stronger. If the command is also responsible for operation of ship and air operations, the captain will be everywhere at once. Meanwhile, the two are quite different from the command position. Under normal circumstances, the captain of the main bridge in the carrier, so you can look down the whole operation and navigation of aircraft attitude. The air operations commanders must be in the ship's combat intelligence center of the body, because here is the summary of the formation of intelligence, the fleet commander's position often is here, the captain can not naturally run back and forth up and down. Vietnam War, U.S. aircraft carriers have become the captain the most by three people after a job.

From China's point of view, the aircraft carrier captain will not be a secondary job.

First, China is about serving only one medium-sized conventional-powered aircraft carrier, its air force aircraft the size of the preparation is 40-50, only half of the U.S.. The size of the air force can only maintain the most basic air defense, anti-submarine capabilities, the air offensive capability is limited. Therefore, we can not set a special super wing commander.

While also taking into account the experience with the Chinese aircraft carrier near zero, while the specialized division of labor is the division of labor need to be very mature. Problems faced by the Chinese Navy is the lack of professionals in the carrier, still need to accumulate experience.

In fact, the main role of the ship or aircraft refurbished train future aircraft operators.

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