What qualities does a aircraft carrier commander need?

"In general, the commander of aircraft carrier is  selected from outstanding senior pilots, he must understand the ship, and must understand the flight." said Army Major General Yang Yihai, former director of the National Defense University Institute for Strategic Studies.

Li Xiaoyan, rumored to be captain for the first Chinese aircraft carrier, the appointment has been issued

Chinese Defense Ministry has confirmed that China is now using an aircraft carrier platform used to transform, for research testing and training, this news came out, sparked heated debate, especially in China's aircraft carrier commander candidates, much international attention.

"In terms of aircraft carriers, not 'bon voyage', should be in the wind when landing off state, which is related to coordination of flight technology and demanding." Yang Yi said.

Yang Yi admitted, for the commander and pilot of the training process has already begun a few years back, but the real fighting form, requires years of hard work.

"Commander is command to be integrated with a high degree of coordination ability and his command of very wide, in the hard, tense calm, can be said that the most capable hands of the carrier battle group commander's assistant." Yang Yi said.

Yang Yi, said the commander is not responsible for carrier operations on other platforms, "there is still a real aircraft carrier flight company in the developed countries is also on the colonel, commander of the aircraft carrier with the same level."

In addition, the study European and American countries have repeatedly visited the aircraft carrier admiral said, the aircraft carrier at sea is the largest target for the missile and torpedo attacks against them more difficult.

Yang Yi said that the need for missile destroyers, guided missile cruisers, attack submarines, aircraft carrier battle group composed of such synergy, one aircraft carrier to protect fragile deep.

"Aircraft carrier battle group commander in the aircraft carrier, under normal circumstances is as Rear Admiral and General Staff set up, the entire command of aircraft carrier battle groups, including the aircraft carrier, escort ships, surface ships, and other combat platforms." Yang Yi said.

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