China owns aircraft carrier will contain the idea of military impulse neighboring countries around the South China Sea

Defense Department spokesman confirmed that the aircraft carrier project has a low profile, and emphasizes the transformation of the aircraft used on the platform will be used for research and training. However, foreign public opinion is still the opportunity to hype the "China threat theory." This, naval experts to accept Mr. Wang Yunfei Global Network reporter interview that China's development of aircraft carriers will not only not a threat to other countries, the opposite would be more conducive to world peace and stability.

Chinese naval personnel boarded the Varyag aircraft carrier deck

China build aircraft carrier only beneficial to regional security
Mr. Wang Yunfei in an interview on the World Wide Web, told reporters that foreign carrier, said China's development will pose a threat to Asian security, but the opposite is true. If the carrier has said that China will be more conducive to regional peace and security and stability.
"First of all, is conducive to safeguarding peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, we have a carrier, the further development of Taiwan independence secessionist forces to curb the momentum." Viewing from stress, "the second, but also conducive to regional peace and stability in the South China Sea, because of China's national defense policy is defensive, in the South China Sea policy is very clear, that is, putting aside disputes and seeking common development, we will not even have a carrier to take the initiative to attack another country, but he will curb some of the country's military surrounding the South China Sea on the impulse idea, for example, further to seize the reefs, looting of resources, which is obviously conducive to regional security and stability in the South China Sea. "
"Third, the aircraft carrier in non-combat operations in a very unique role and if the next Asia-Pacific countries tsunami, earthquakes and other natural disasters or humanitarian crises, we can use with the carrier for humanitarian relief. Only from these three aspect is concerned, we can say that China has been the aircraft carrier will be more conducive to peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. "
Chinese aircraft carrier does not pose a threat to U.S.
As to whether the Chinese aircraft carrier would be a threat to a superpower like the United States, Mr. Wang Yunfei, said: "The answer is obvious, will not." He explained, we are building the aircraft, regardless of the level of technology, equipment size and level of training, are with the large gap between the superpowers, for quite a long time, are insufficient to compete with.
"The balance of military capabilities is conducive to regional peace and stability, the imbalance of military capabilities is not conducive to peace and stability in the relative balance of power if the two sides in conflict, or the idea of ​​the use of force would be greatly reduced." Wang Yunfei said, "and the current actual is that China military capabilities in Asia, especially naval force, does not have the clear advantage. For example, aircraft carrier, India and Thailand have, Japan has 'days to' level quasi carriers, including the future of DDH (helicopter destroyer, also known as the helicopter carrier), South Korea has 'Dokdo' No. quasi carriers. In fact, the sea air capacity, we are at a disadvantage. "

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