China needs at least three aircraft carriers

July 27, Ministry of National Defense announced that China "is using a waste carrier platform for transformation, for research and training." Yesterday, the executive director of China Society of Military Science and Deputy Secretary-General, Major General Luo said China is considering an internal naming of the aircraft carrier, will give you satisfactory answers. He believes that to effectively safeguard China's maritime rights and interests, the number of aircraft at least not less than three. Purposes, crew training aircraft pilots

China is transforming the waste Varyag aircraft carrier pilot training is the ship, said Luo Yuan, pilot training ship and combat ships have a significant difference, not the same as its mandate and mission, is mainly responsible for training ship-based aircraft carrier pilot and crew training task. So much unnecessary equipment, shipboard weapons and equipment, in particular, is the training of ship fuel, fuel, ammunition to be much less than the combat ships, in order to avoid training in the event of an accident, causing unnecessary losses.

Luo believes that Varyag allows us to lower prices and better cost-effective to obtain the advantage. Although it is not the most advanced, but better than nothing, from zero to one, both the amount of change, but also qualitative change. The advantage is that you can put the most advanced technology into our aircraft up. Although the carrier is a product of the era of mechanization, but as long as we embed information elements, is still winning the information war in the vanguard weapon.

According to reports, the training ship is now conventionally powered aircraft carrier. As for the future will not have nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, but also in accordance with prevailing national defense needs and economic strength and technological level may be. From the present point of view, nuclear aircraft carrier is a development trend, we now use the Varyag as a test ship, but also in testing the waters, feeling the stones, as we lay the foundation for future aircraft carriers, and explore the road.

Number, in theory at least 3

China, while several of the number of aircraft should be appropriate? Luo pointed out that the theoretical terms, generally three to form an effective combat aircraft, including a duty, a train, one in the dock repairs. From the perspective of China's neighboring countries, India in 2014 will have three aircraft carriers; Japan in 2014 and there will be three "quasi carriers." "I think we should be able to effectively protect our marine rights and interests, at least not lower." China and the United States there is no need to go, "Gao is high, high specific strength", or according to our own defense needs, according to " reasonable and sufficient "principle, with a certain number of aircraft can be.

Aircraft carrier construction requires a lot of money, said Luo Yuan, we have developed based on aircraft carriers, the first is based on defense needs, and secondly to take into account the affordability of the national economy, but also take into account our scientific and technological level. However, the carrier is not just a simple "swallowing gold beast", it will bring about the necessary economic, stimulating the development of high-tech industry chain. "We look at defense spending, not just looking into this part, but also depends on its output, its output is to give us security, which is the exchange of money does not come."

In addition to carrier-based aircraft carrier battle group, but also need to destroyers, frigates, submarines, escort. Luo said that in this regard, we are forward-looking consideration, is the first with the destroyers, frigates and submarines, another aircraft carrier, can be said that everything is ready, only a strong wind. With the aircraft carrier, we go through a period of running, it will form a combat aircraft carrier battle group. However, this is the future, not the present tense.

Policy, foreign policy is not the same troops

According to media reports, the Department of Defense released the news about China's aircraft carrier, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary said Yukio wild branches, expects China to further enhance military transparency. Luo said this, China has been very transparent, and if the total wearing "colored glasses" to see China, and then clear you will not believe the threat is not just a psychological feeling threatened, the Chinese have a saying called "do good conscience, not afraid of spirit shook the door. " "If you do not do things a disgrace to China, even China has been used in combat aircraft, you do not have to worry about."

If the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier fleet ocean voyage, perform tasks, how to solve the supply problem? Luo said that China even with the aircraft carrier, with the ability to offshore operations, but the naval coastal defense strategy will not change. We do not fight global hegemony, not like the United States' global reach "," forward deployment. " We develop their own navy, mainly to housekeeping escort. If we perform overseas missions, but also the requirements of the United Nations and the countries of the request away. Therefore, they should provide us with the necessary supplies from overseas, our troops overseas, the policy will not change.