The truth behind the United States strengthen surveillance in China is fearing the future superpower

U.S. ignored China's angry protests, insisted on China to continue at or near the reconnaissance flight over, and perhaps both important Chinese military intelligence spy factors, but also to put pressure on China's political motives. Challenged China is fully capable air defense system effective against all types of U.S. reconnaissance aircraft.

April 1, 2001, a United States Navy EP-3 reconnaissance plane in the airspace southeast of Hainan Island, China, China's two military aircraft to track it.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen in the evaluation of the Chinese Air Force June 29, two Su-27 fighter aircraft to intercept violated Chinese airspace American U-2 reconnaissance plane incident claimed that U.S. planes will continue flying reconnaissance over the border in China. He said: "We want to stop reconnaissance flights in China, we will not do, because the flight is very important."

Mullen's official spokesman later explained that Mullen's remarks were misunderstood some of the media, he refers not to the reconnaissance flights over China, but in the entire region's air reconnaissance. But U.S. military officials of the tough talk on China remains a strong reaction. After all the recent Chinese fighters intercepted U.S. reconnaissance aircraft more frequently, and in the decade before the April 1, 2001, the Chinese aircraft to intercept U.S. spy plane was in a serious accident occurs, leading to a Chinese F-8II fighter pilots at the expense , damaged U.S. EP-3 plane after landing in Hainan, China. The most interesting is that Americans seem to be more angry at that time, the Chinese side to delay the repatriation of U.S. spy plane and its pilots is extremely dissatisfied. U.S. experts believe that Chinese people took the opportunity to study and imitation of the U.S. surveillance plane in the parts that interest them most.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen tough response to U.S. aircraft, the air contacts the incident, but claimed that language with a pun, "such incidents in the future should not be repeated." Some experts think that this is China a "veiled threat." In fact, the U.S. plane violated Chinese airspace surveillance no longer came close to implementing a new phenomenon, but since the founding of New China is very real and old problems. U.S. reconnaissance aircraft flying over China in January 1951 from the beginning, and special attention to spy on Chinese nuclear project implementation. 1972, warming in Sino-US relations, the Soviet threat increased, although still in the United States to China aerial and satellite reconnaissance, but arrived in China in recent reconnaissance flights over almost 20 years suspended. Later, with the decline of the Soviet Union and the rise of China, a similar conflict broke out again. Aircraft on a regular basis in the last decade the United States to conduct reconnaissance flights over China, but suffered no small loss. During this period China has been and the U.S. spy plane for aerial combat, to provide at least 18 U.S. military reconnaissance plane to eliminate the convincing evidence, although the number of U.S. recognition of the loss of only 9.

Former President Askar Akayev of Kyrgyzstan made a speech two years ago, proving once again that the reconnaissance flights over China to the United States has very important significance. Akayev said his domestic opposition in 2005 was actually a U.S. plot to overthrow. When Washington asked him to allow the U.S. reconnaissance plane to land Air Force Base in Bishkek, Ma Nas, but he refused. The grounds that such aircraft can not be used for operations in Afghanistan, the deployment of the United States would like to high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in Kyrgyzstan is an attempt to spy on the entire western region of China important information. He did not want to damage relations between Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan can not do the things China is most afraid of. Akayev was the result of the hate America, that he is a challenge to Washington.

Russia's Zhukov Military Academy an air and space defense experts believe that America was special emphasis on reconnaissance flights in China, even at the intensification of bilateral relations, possibly because of the last 15 years, the overall strength of the Chinese military continues to increase, but also to achieve national air defense system modernization. The United States may try to rely on a similar reconnaissance flight came close, the Chinese army's air defense system to identify changes in the nature of the recent developments, in order to find appropriate ways of coping. This gradual deterioration of relations between the two countries and the Asia Pacific region growing military tension in the case is very important. However, China is fully capable air defense system effective against all U.S. reconnaissance aircraft. Optimists believe that the United States at the outbreak of conflict in the foreseeable future is unlikely, because the two economies are closely linked. The fact is. However, there are many historical precedents to prove that even the most intimate economic and trade ties, can not guarantee the strategic interests of certain countries not to provoke competition and conflict.

Now that China's military strength has increased notably, but also in all aspects, not just the Navy, Air Force, air defense systems, and more importantly, the strategic nuclear forces. On the contrary, China is also working to achieve the modernization of nuclear forces, to improve ballistic missile range, increasing the number of missiles and warheads. U.S. concerned about China's nuclear facilities in a high degree of what happened in the end. In addition, China also began to build their own missile defense systems. If China maintains current growth rate, will become a superpower, will influence in the world will not be inferior to the Soviet Union. With further increase in the strength of China, Sino-US relations will gradually intensify. The United States in order to ensure their own safety, to avoid China's "surprise" in front of a passive, therefore, important to strengthen the Chinese military intelligence spying, increased nearly arrived in China over the surveillance, so that accurate "pulse" of China. In addition, the United States steadfastly refused to stop at or near the reconnaissance flights, as well as political purposes, trying this way to make China understand that the U.S. will not "China military threat" continues to increase turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, but will actively prepare for this challenge.

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