Chinese aircraft carrier will trial in August

The prognosis on "China's first aircraft carrier in the trials on July 1" is just frustrated, bored with the foreign media has spread a new guess. Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" 6 said in Dalian repair "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier may be in the August 1, no later than 10 January trials. Hong Kong media to further claimed that the carrier's first voyage in need of repair due to individual components of delayed, time trials has not been determined accurately. The outside world is not only concerned about the "Kuznetsov" was the time trials, including future Chinese aircraft carrier will be how to apply, even who will become the first Chinese aircraft carrier captain of the same name is the latest major media discussion of the topic.

Varyag aircraft carrier conversion nearing completion

"Sankei Shimbun" said purchased from Ukraine, "Kuznetsov" was being repaired, will begin trials soon. Reported that the carrier will serve as training ship, the PLA will be based on its actual use, began to build the official carrier battle groups. Reported that the current carrier of the repair work has been completed at the end of June, is now undergoing final checks, "can always start sailing." The report also said, is expected to be the fastest trials in the People's Liberation Army began on August 1 Army Day, no later than October 1 is National Day. Reported that the carrier-based aircraft of the future in addition to the take-off landing training, also with the ships, support vessels conduct cooperative training and exercise. Reports speculated that China's assistance in Ukraine, officially in the construction of aircraft carriers Shanghai, "China will initially build 6-7 ton medium-sized aircraft carrier 2", and plans for the East China Sea Fleet in 2020 were equipped with the South China Sea Fleet aircraft carrier battle groups.

Western media has been widely quoted after the Hong Kong media reported that the "Kuznetsov" was started on July 1 will be trials. However, 1 day "Kuznetsov" was and nothing happened. South Africa's website, "Defense website" 5, citing Hong Kong, "Daily" reported that Chinese sources "Kuznetsov" was postponed until the first sea trials in August this year. Reported that the carrier's individual components still in need of repair and maintenance. The source said: "Because this is the first aircraft carrier, we do not want to have problems when the sea first, so we have no indication from the trial start date and accurate, we should be very careful to solve technical problems for carriers to The best show in the world state, we do not want to maiden voyage on the problem. "report stressed that only a preliminary test to determine the beginning of August, but the exact date is not announced," the official voyage to test the water will be affected by many factors including climate conditions and the international situation. "

"Sankei Shimbun" that the aircraft carrier trials on a specific date, the Chinese government in order to avoid irritation around the country, also need to be determined to see the reaction around. Reported that Japan's concerns about China's aircraft carrier fleet, mainly in the current weakening of U.S. influence in the context of Japan and the U.S. will not compete with China. "Sankei EXPRESS" said the Chinese carrier's goal is not to attack Taiwan, but focus on the impact on the surrounding, including the East China Sea, including Taiwan, South China Sea, Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, the balance of power. "Japanese Economic News" 6 editorial that Obama due to financial difficulties the government is planning massive cuts in defense budget, Japan should seriously consider how to bring the U.S. to stay in Asia, because "the United States is the key to stability in Asia." The editorial also said that since China activities between Japan and other Asian countries, the need to convince the U.S. military intervention in Asia next to a deeper level, the Japanese have given to support with practical action. Such as for Self-Defense Force P-3C patrol aircraft to replace the U.S. military reconnaissance in the surrounding waters, warning and intelligence gathering activities, or the formation of Japan and the U.S. Australia, Japan and South Korea or Japan and the U.S. multinational Union and India. If on this basis, the Southeast Asian countries to increase the participation of joint training and exercises, the U.S. military can reduce the burden, while improving the sense of presence in Asia.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry has said the battle group of the most important thing is to have a large number of professionally trained personnel. The outside world and therefore the first name of the captain of the Chinese aircraft carrier to be of particular concern. Jamestown Foundation, said the United States, China since 1987 in training air force pilots from the Navy aircraft carrier captain. Reported that, when the selection of nine pilots received 3 and a half years to four years of naval aviation command of professional training, assigned to a different post as vice captain on the ship, captain. Taiwan, "Central News Agency," said Wednesday, was optimistic about the U.S. research institutions as People's Liberation Army's first aircraft carrier captain Bo Yaoping is captain of one of these pilots. "Central" reference "Liberation Army Daily," the said, the current vice president of the Dalian Naval Baiyao Ping enlisted in 1980 as Naval Air Force fighter pilot, first in 1987 was admitted to the Navy "pilot captain course", served as escort and destroyer captain, became the first Chinese navy, "flying to fight the sky, daring ocean ship operation" of the compound commander. Japan, "Asahi Shimbun," claimed the Dalian Naval Academy more than 2,000 people have received specialized training on board the aircraft carrier, they will become the first member of the Chinese aircraft carrier fleet.

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