Witness Sino-US struggle Shangri-La Dialogue: the sky suddenly thunder

CHINA MILITARY: Although the two defense ministers talk quite well as the"background" of the Sino-US military exchanges "thaw" on the surface, the "mini environment " changes, make China feel to be surrounded back and belly.

Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie, Shangri-La Dialogue 2011

At 8:00 on June 5 just after the first floor of Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore security check channel, we lined up early for a captain dragon.

Different kinds of sea and air armed services wearing uniform of foreign officers, and representatives from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and 29 countries and regions of strategic experts, think tank scholars, more than 400 intelligence officers, ordered the police to wait to accept the security of Singapore Check.

Identity to be checked, people quickly entered the front of the 100 meters at the "Island Chamber", the main event - "The 10th Asian security summit" (that is, "Shangri-La Dialogue") on the third day of the General Assembly will begin.

This is also the "Shangri-La Dialogue" the most remarkable day. Because the first guest speaker was the first meeting of the Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister General Liang. The Chinese government sent its first military head of such a level, so the organizers and national news media excited.

Coincidentally, almost all the media interpreted as: this must not only related to a official, more importantly, it marks the beginning of China to be more transparent, self-confident and pragmatic attitude, calm on the international strategic and security dialogue on the big stage.

Of course, with Liang to the last meeting of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates "clash contest of strength?" Even more strongly to capture the media lens. CHINA MILITARY

Surface, but not "stormy"

The General Assembly began at 9 am. At this time, just like wiping the lead as the overcast sky, a sudden lightning, pouring rain from heaven like diarrhea.

The natural atmosphere of the Chamber for a tight, people can not help but think of last year's "Shangri-La Dialogue" when the situation.

Of last year, the Pentagon decided to sell Taiwan more than 60 billion arms, China strongly opposed the military immediately, and suspend the high-level Sino-US military exchanges.

So in that year's "Shangri-La Dialogue", U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates as the military relations can not achieve its reversal of the expected visit of the Chinese party, the statement revealed his criticism.

Gates made clear that the United States and high-level military dialogue should not be subject to "political factors" influence was interrupted, the normal relationship is precisely maintained through exchange and dialogue, rather than a disagreement on the termination of the dialogue.

In this regard, PLA Deputy Chief of Staff Xiao-sky will be diametrically opposed to that high-level exchanges is not responsible for interruption of the Chinese side, American-made "three obstacles" (arms sales to Taiwan; on the sea exclusive economic zone, air at or near the reconnaissance; discriminatory laws within the United States) seriously damaged the core interest of China. This is not only unacceptable to the Chinese army, the Chinese people is equally unacceptable. CHINA MILITARY

At that session, "Shangri-La Dialogue", the General Assembly because of the atmosphere would have to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on the "days of the ship incident" and made the opening speech filled with the smell of gunpowder do a very tense, coupled with the rapid cooling of Sino-US military relations which led to Ma Xiaotian and Gates at the meeting, publicly criticized each other, even more obvious sense of regional security situation in the sensitive and complex, and bilateral and multilateral security vulnerability.

However, before this dialogue, the atmosphere is not bad. Following the successful visit to China early this year, Bill Gates, the 15 to 22 May, the PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde high-level delegation will visit the United States led the military, China-US military ties warm up again.

And in Singapore, Gates departure, he made it clear that the U.S. would not try to stop the growing influence of China. And in the arms sales to Taiwan, he consciously avoided.

"In fact, 31 May, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Colin Campbell has said that the United States this year to do one of the most important thing is to 'commitment to cooperation with China in Southeast Asia.' This sentence has been given this' Shangri-La Dialogue 'set the tone. "Institute of Contemporary International Relations of the United States, said Yuan Peng, director of the Institute.

The following facts also show that: not "stormy sea." Liang on "China's international security cooperation," a keynote speech that China is committed to safeguarding peace and stability in the South China Sea. He said that the current situation in the overall stability of the South China Sea, China and ASEAN countries on the implementation of the "DOC" to maintain a positive momentum of dialogue and consultation.

Liang answered in the lecture questions on other issues. For network security challenges, he said, this is a common challenge facing the international community, China is also facing threats such as cyber attacks, are willing to work together with countries to address this challenge.

In the "Shangri-La Dialogue" platform, Liang said China will unswervingly follow the road of peaceful development, pursues a defensive national defense policy and good-neighborly and friendly policy, is committed to maintaining security cooperation through the peace and stability in the surrounding areas, and countries to enhance mutual trust and promote common interests and fulfill its international responsibilities and obligations. CHINA MILITARY

The two sides have long been "designed" warm

In concert with this is, June 4, Gates around the "Asia-Pacific region emerging security challenges," keynote address, also called for efforts to cyber attacks extensive international dialogue on issues to avoid escalation to the out of control . CHINA MILITARY

Most attention in the South China Sea issue, he just reminded States that the country would like to make territorial claims to the adoption of a mechanism for peaceful settlement of disputes.

"Overall, this is an atmosphere of dialogue in recent years, the best one." Yuan Peng commented, "The two sides are rational and objective stance to further enhance bilateral military contacts and dialogue."

Use the term "rational, objective" to describe, but also from two Defense Minister in the "Shangri-La Dialogue" in the warm interaction.

At 16:45 on June 3, Liang held bilateral talks with Gates. Time is so precise, the original design of the back already. Place arrangements for the two men met on the second floor, near the escalators in the first small conference rooms.

See Gates in the front, Liang Singapore hosts first met with Acting Prime Minister, former Defense Minister Li Zhixian. Location Jinju meeting rooms for less than 15 meters. Ahead of a large number of journalists have long waiting here, waiting to witness Liang and Gates in six months of the "second handshake."

4:45, Gates exercised by the escalator up, and Liang Li Zhixian from the room to see the small conference room, the two "head-on encounter." Gates first to reach the elevator at the end, respectfully waiting for has quickly approached the Liang, Liang only heard shouting with vigorous powerful voice loudly: "You Hurrah! Am glad to see you again!" Immediately, two of the hand , flashing a flash.

They extended than scheduled talks for 20 minutes, held a full hour, the two sides on the current regional issues of common concern, especially in the South China Sea disputes, the Korean peninsula and the military exchanges and cooperation in specific matters, open and frank exchange of public land views. The presence of a meeting with Chinese officials as saying the talks the two very easily, in a cordial atmosphere, it seems like there are many Huayao Jiang.

According to reports, Liang outgoing Defense Secretary Gates during his tenure as the United States, to promote the development of military relations appreciates the efforts made, and hope he can continue to do more to maintain military relations.

Then address the General Assembly the next day, Gates is quite intriguing phrase: "(normalization) 30 years later, I, as Secretary of Defense, given to the establishment of U.S. military relations with China, and this relationship has been steady improvement in recent months ... ... I'm always happy to start a pleasant conversation again, and we are pleased to 'Shangri-La Dialogue' on seeing again. "

During the meeting, Liang also different occasions and Gates, U.S. Pacific Commander Willard and other senior U.S. military officers met for the first time the participants also met with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Asian and Pacific Affairs James Steinberg. Steinberg has just recently visited South Korea. It is reported that his talks with Liang more focused on the Korean Peninsula affairs.

In fact, before the Western media with different expected, Gates did not in this "dialogue" meeting to talk about US-China military relations, he stressed that the U.S. is more in how to strengthen its military presence in the Asia Pacific region Even if the economic downturn in the U.S. defense budget by squeezing the case, the United States have determined to fulfill the promise of the Asia-Pacific security commitments to allies. Among these, he stressed the importance of maritime security issues. CHINA MILITARY

South China Sea issue is still simmering

Although the Sino-US military exchanges "thaw" of the "background" so that the surface of the two defense ministers to talk quite well. However, the "mini environment" changes, allows the feeling of Chinese attacked front and rear.

Accordance with the "Shangri-La Dialogue" in the traditional arrangements, they will have a theme each dialogue is with the "maritime security" related. This year is no exception. But the subject always some "harsh" - "response to the threat of marine safety."

This is easily reminiscent of the recent occurrence of the territorial sovereignty of the South China Sea disputes continuous. In this regard, the dialogue is perhaps the organizers intend to add the Dry Wood Fierce Fire, in order to speak specifically to the General Assembly made a "strategic" adjustment.

Traditionally, the original United States, China has carried out the statement: that the United States National Defense first, second deputy chief of staff in China, followed by Japan, South Korea or India Defense Minister.

But this year different is that China and the U.S. defense secretary's speech has been carried out in two days apart, followed by 5 June to speak the Malaysian Defense Minister Liang Ha Midi, Vietnam and the Philippines Defense Minister Defense Minister Feng Guangqing Vegas Ming.

Anyone who can see that clearly, these three countries are sovereign territorial disputes with China, the countries, especially Vietnam, and China in the recent escalation of friction is more evidence.

A meeting with senior military officers as saying the PLA, "in the South China Sea issue, it is not really good friends in Vietnam." Perhaps some big countries have the support of Vietnam in the "Shangri-La Dialogue" during public accusing China of using two platforms.

Speech in the General Assembly, Feng Guangqing play "good cop", on the one hand talk about the importance of maintenance of the South China Sea regional security, is willing to talk about a dialogue with the countries concerned to solve the problem; the other hand, in the echoing voice of the United States, emphasizing respect for the international maritime conventions and national law of the sea, and all disputes should be in the "framework of international law" solution.

At the same time, the Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defence has held a press conference Ruan Zhiyong, Banqi the "bad cop", wantonly accuses China of violating its territorial sovereignty and ocean surveillance ship Chinese action is "violence", "Vietnamese maritime law enforcement departments will be According to international maritime law and maritime law enforcement in the domestic law of Vietnam, "and so on.

Although Vietnam's military at the "Shangri-La Dialogue" for years, but held a press conference during the session number is still the first time. There is no doubt that Vietnam's move is obviously want to use the "Shangri-La Dialogue" this international platform to present is a bilateral issue between China and Vietnam open, complex, international, China, attempts to trap in the passive. CHINA MILITARY

The United States build "China breakwater"

In Vietnam, the "back" of the analysis, the attitude is still considered the United States can not be ignored.

In an interview with U.S. Pacific Commander Willard clear that the Chinese media interview: "We are the Navy's relations with Vietnam there have been changes, and we are happy to maintain this momentum. The most important thing is that we understand each other armed forces, to exchange information, and thus extended to allow us to share the value of the South China Sea region to ensure the safety criteria. "

Gates said even more bluntly: "The United States and Vietnam forge ahead, and to build strong and vibrant bilateral relationship. United States and Vietnam show how to set up a repeat of the history of the relationship will not. Today, this seems to overcome insurmountable obstacle to commitment is to guide us to build trade and investment, education, health and safety and partnership between the areas of national defense. "Clearly, the South China Sea issue between China and other countries, the strategic game, still for the United States countries is more complex and sensitive active participation.

According to the Japanese "Daily News" on June 4 by the information display, for the strategic concerns of China, the Obama administration should the US-Vietnam relations to a "new level."

The article said that a survey from the department of the U.S. Congress a report, in order to prevent the control of the South China Sea in China, the administration prepared to let China's neighboring Vietnam in the military to play a greater role. Right now, the United States is increasing in Vietnam and also has territorial disputes with China, the Philippines military assistance. That the U.S. intention is to these countries to become "China breakwater." This situation indicates that the sea around the arms race danger of further escalation.

"In fact, the United States in the South China Sea issue on the focus on 'relegated to seek second' attitude is worth pondering the surface." Yuan Peng told the "International Herald Tribune", according to his observation, the United States there is no new version of the South China Sea issue, still is to solve the South China Sea issue through multilateral mechanisms, and insisted on "freedom of navigation rights."

Against this background, the Sino-US military relationship with the South China Sea has a subtle connection. "Advance and retreat back into the military relations process, does not mean that the relationship between stability and maturity. South China Sea issue is not a performance problem, but if there is no U.S. military contacts, easily driven out of control on this sensitive issue." Yuan Peng said.

At present, domestic and foreign scholars believe that China's attitude in the South China Sea issue is calm and restraint. Experts recommend the South China Sea, the Chinese military should also correspond to the next cool, let us take no notice of, not the collision of the strategy to inaction. CHINA MILITARY

What did the National defense Defense Ministers

Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie:

To come in peace, to cooperation, and to harmony from.

Cold War thinking out of tune with the trend in today's world, countries do not man-made enemies. Asia-Pacific region is not closed, hoping to open and tolerant countries in the region, the principle of unity and cooperation to develop the Asian characteristics of security mechanisms to strengthen dialogue and exchange, all-round communication, rather than engage in the confrontational alliance against a third party. "

China is a trustworthy country ... ... the South China Sea voyage, has always been free and unobstructed, and the overall situation is stable, and China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea by peaceful means and principles of international law to deal with.

U.S. Defense Secretary Gates:

U.S. forces in Asia will maintain a "strong" presence and use of new high-tech weapons to protect allies and shipping channels. Washington's commitment to the region will not be reduced, on the contrary, the U.S. and Australia in the Indian Ocean through the sharing of facilities and deployment of new offshore in Singapore to expand its presence as a warship. The United States also consider the "pre-placed" some supplies in order to speed up the response to disasters in the region.

Unless the territorial claims of the country through a peaceful settlement of disputes mechanism, or the South China Sea may conflict. We will take the appropriate military strength, attitude and presence to continue to fulfill our Asia-Pacific countries as a commitment to the 21st century. "

Held for a few years between China and the U.S. economic and strategic dialogue, security dialogue for the first time joined, I believe the future at the appropriate time to broaden the dialogue context, because it will benefit both sides.

Australian Defense Minister Smith:

Asia Pacific countries to establish and strengthen the habit of dialogue, especially through the pragmatic military and defense cooperation, which can enhance trust between the armed forces of States, respect and cooperation, and also help to avoid tensions and resolve.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib:

For China's development, other countries do not need to worry about, but should be happy, because even if the future development of China, it can not, as in the past, as economic power in the global economy take a big proportion. Some people worry about Chinaese military growth will be more no reason, so from their own experience, I know that China is committed to the pursuit of peace. CHINA MILITARY

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