The U.S. will fall deeply into the mire If to help Philippines against China

CHINA MILITARY: Philippines, which lacks military strength, expect to draw the United States against China with the unused US-Philippines "Mutual Defense Treaty, which can only be disgrace, because the United States agreed to this request if the attack China, will make it into Also difficult to extricate themselves in a quagmire, and subjected to accelerated after the financial crisis hit the United States weakened dependence on China is increasing.

Cadets at the Philippine Military Academy

Foreign media, there is no doubt that China's recent practice because of its ability to do so, because the possible exception of Vietnam, have no other claim against the State courage and Beijing, no matter how weak attempt. The Nansha Islands and their surrounding areas claimed "sovereign" country in the war long ago lost control of its territory. For the Philippines, it accepts Beijing's assistance and loans, then it will "give up" control of the Nansha Islands. China, the Philippines seems to be more than the money to Brunei, Vietnam or Malaysia, and other advocates have sovereignty over the South China Sea countries. If you look at the map, you'll find close to the Philippines from the South China Sea. But it is also these countries, economic and military claims the weakest. Therefore, it seemed very understanding.CHINA MILITARY

Foreign media, now, Manila does not have any action in this matter that openly oppose Beijing (except perhaps the South China Sea, Philippine Sea rename the West, as if all this will disappear because of a license.) It done nothing but stay in the speech phase. Instead, the decision by the Vietnamese conflict that may occur in the region to arrange a show of force military exercises. Apart from these Chinese loans and compromise, the Manila Navy also not strong enough, no say, so every time wandering in the Nansha Islands in China for those who are fishing action in the Philippines, the Philippines can only be embarrassing scratching its head. More disgraced itself is also in Manila to the United States for help, concluded between the United States and the Philippines so-called "Mutual Defense Treaty." Unfortunately, this treaty was never any good to the Philippines, and Washington, of course, will carefully deal with Beijing, even in the words on the Spratly Islands dispute in the U.S. will be careful, just because this cheat than good.CHINA MILITARY

Foreign media, frankly, if the United States and the Philippines on the same front choice, there will be danger of offending the Chinese, the United States can get from it? In other words, the gradual decline in global dominance, the economy increasingly dependent on China, the United States go to war for the Philippines it? To do so, the Americans figure what?CHINA MILITARY

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