Vietnamese Prime Minister said Vietnam has "indisputable sovereignty " in Nansha Sea and Nansha Sea

Vietnam's official media, "Youth Daily" reported on 9, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung outside declared, Vietnam has " indisputable sovereignty. " on "Hoang Sa archipelago" (that is, China's Xisha Islands) and the "Spratly Islands" (that is, China's Nansha Islands)

"Youth" quoted Dung as saying: "We will continue to firmly state that the Vietnamese Party and people across the country, the military to protect this country the strongest determination to sea and islands." Nguyen Tan Dung also reaffirmed the "Vietnam of the 'yellow sand islands' and 'Spratly Islands' has indisputable sovereignty over the waters. "

Reported that, as of now, Nguyen Tan Dung is to dispute the territorial waters and suggested that the Vietnamese government to comment on the seriousness of the situation to determine the top Vietnamese leaders.

However, AFP commented that the attitude of Vietnam and China just adds to the "war of words" only.

Recently, the Vietnamese territory in the area's radical position, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei 7th of this month once again a regular press conference that China and the adjacent waters of the South China Sea Islands has indisputable sovereignty. China and Vietnam to appropriately deal with maritime issues and maintain stability in the South China Sea reached important consensus on many occasions. Vietnam hopes to make concrete efforts to implement the consensus.

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