Anger is not the right way to handling the South China Sea dispute

After the friction between China and Vietnam because of the sovereign and interests of the South China Sea, Philippines strengthens the posture of a dispute with China, the Defense Minister Jia Siming 7, or even publicly called on the U.S. deployment of military forces in the South China Sea to protect the region's "weak state", the Chinese apparently his hope that the U.S. be "shock and awe" of the object.

Loss as to how much the South China Sea dispute, few countries hope that "balancing" against China and the United States grouped to enhance their bargaining chip, it is unlikely to do so. First of all because this is a typical fight against thinking, against the political mainstream is not the South China Sea, against the half, those countries themselves will not stand, because they also need cooperation with China. China economic cooperation, political friction, this clutter of military confrontation, even if the compiled code very difficult to continue the novel.

Indulgence and angry, and fantasy combat, this is not dealing with a variety of the South China Sea disputes continue to occur the right way. Than anger, who did not, there have been on the Internet in China "lessons learned in Vietnam" and the like radical ideas, they gradually accumulate in the diplomatic pressure on the South China Sea in pairs, and if China is to find a few "tough" diplomats with Vietnam and Philippines Dazui Zhang to all the anger on the Chinese Internet into foreign languages ​​spoken, that the South China Sea can be really good show to sell tickets to the world.

No one should consider themselves wronged in the South China Sea is the most, their territorial claims to one hundred percent cash. Big bang countries such propaganda is to deceive their own citizens, is the peace and national destiny of the South China Sea irresponsible. South China Sea dispute is now set of disputes, what if you try to pull inventory, the parties do not mutually compromise is impossible.

The problem can not be resolved in the current circumstances, to adapt to this situation, the problem with life, live in harmony as much as possible, which is the South China Sea Asian countries, including China, the smartest choice. This is among the friction is inevitable, but said the parties should friction friction, less pull something else, such as multi-national in their own infrastructure to engage occupied reefs, often a country of control fishing vessels in the waters of another country, oil production activities have in the disputed region, pushing the countries will certainly happen, but nobody should put it up to the level of military confrontation, should not even want to go there thinking.

Some time ago talking about the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman in a dispute with China, his mouth emitting "Vietnamese Navy," the word. Philippines Defense Minister has now publicly called the U.S. military to the South China Sea to engage in "shock and awe", the words hang like a cynical post on the Internet. Later, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry with a "Vietnamese Navy," the intense expression of deleted from the official site, I hope the Philippine Department of Defense at this point to learn the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the South to engage in "big bullying the small" is dangerous, but the "big bully the small," less likely to go through. South China Sea, Chinese society now wants peace, the Chinese people now know that most of the South China Sea disputes around the country a high degree of overlap, do not want to take the initiative to stimulate other countries, but also against other countries to seize the islands and reefs of the radical behavior of Chinese people hope that the Government in the promotion of peace and maintenance of the South China Sea China's South China Sea territorial claims to maintain a balance between.

Hope that other countries also have at least the pursuit of such a balance, do not let them kidnap the South China Sea radical diplomacy. China has no dispute, as the Yin Nanhai enemy of any country, other countries should have the heart to neighbors and friends of the approach in handling disputes with China.

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