The U.S. should not overreact to the new Chinese aircraft carrier

CHINAMILITARY: The hype about China military, to remind people of the Soviet Union during the Cold War memories. But the United States do not have the new aircraft carrier for China overreact.

In 1966, the filming of a Hollywood movie theme of the Cold War, "Russian coming! , "About the Soviet submarine ran aground in the shallows of New England, the story depicts the Soviet military intentions when people mistake anxiety. Now ready to experience Chinese version of it: not a new movie, but once again anxiety. Reportedly, China's first aircraft carrier, "Shi Lang" was about to water.

Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag close-up picture

Official, China's aircraft carrier intentions closely guarded secret. Sources say China's domestic carrier's risks and benefits of a huge controversy. It can bring to China the prestige and power of consciousness, but also reduce the difficulty of China to defend the South China Sea. But also with a view of the aircraft carrier costly, strategy is not wise. In addition, with the Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups in neighboring countries will provoke a deeper suspicion. But at least for now, "quite the aircraft carrier group" prevailed. U.S. Navy officials and Navy colleagues in Asia, will be controlled in China as a threat to aircraft. Some even said with a smile, hoping to waste more money to build more Chinese aircraft carrier.

For decades, befriend with the United States but for China the eyes of skeptical countries, the U.S. aircraft carrier is the United States to curb violations in China around the weapon. Once in the South China Sea, Beijing is determined to use aircraft for military operations in neighboring countries may feel the centuries of Chinese military strength of the most dramatic weight. This shows that the deployment of aircraft carriers in China, Washington and Pacific Command areas need to maneuver to restore confidence. This strategy includes the one hand, the form of hearings and forums shows that the Chinese aircraft carrier are vulnerable to counterattack the U.S. and its allies, on the other hand, the United States to a military deployment in the region and high-profile military exercises.

To reduce drag and make the PLA's new status to win recognition, China is expected to reveal new aspects of military power continue to be cautious. Invited to dock at ports in the region local access to the behavior of ships, will also be highly combative witness to the Chinese military from the current transparent change. However, Beijing will be driving near the aircraft carrier in Vietnam or other countries, is difficult to compete with China's neighbors send a strong signal. The neighbors must be appeasement in the United States to deepen collaboration with China or to choose between. And Washington may have selected out those it wants to cooperate more in-depth country.

All of this means, the United States is the ultimate wise not to overreact China to acquire military strength, and this strength is in many other countries already have, and the effect of the war is gradually declining.CHINAMILITARY

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