China's first aircraft carrier will fight for oil, India will be the first enemy

CHINA MILITARY: U.S. media "Huffington Post" provoke Sino-Indian relations, on June 13 article, the original title: will China dominate the ocean? Security agencies from Washington, screams one after another, China's first aircraft carrier of the exposure to world peace and stability has been that the American peace- pose a serious threat. In view of the South China Sea is rapidly heating up the tension, which is an interesting time.

Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag in reconstruct smoothly

In the first aircraft carrier into a truly useful weapon platform before the Chinese navy still need years to master the relevant technologies. Therefore, the U.S. military-industrial complex issue now screams too early. Since World War II, the U.S. Navy, including China's long coastal waters, including sea rule the roost. U.S. aircraft carrier battle group challenges, not from China in the early stages of the aircraft carrier force, but
China from the air, sea and submarine-launched anti-ship missiles. Forcing the development of China's blue water navy aircraft carrier and the primary reason is that India and oil. India and China understand each other's real strategic adversary. I am in the "top of the world war," a book had predicted, the two Asian giants in the Himalayan border, Myanmar and marine control the outbreak of war.

India is rapidly expanding naval power, including nuclear submarines, surface warships and long-range naval aircraft. By 2015, India, or will have three aircraft carriers. New Delhi, the Indian Ocean as "inland sea", so determined to shut out China's growing navy. China also strongly emphasizes the entire South China Sea, the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and the Taiwan Strait has sovereignty, and its naval and political influence extended to the eastern Indian Ocean and even the Gulf region. This week, as the Vietnamese coast for firing exercises in the South China Sea has become clouded. Philippines has just requested that the South China Sea known as the "West Philippine Sea."CHINA MILITARY

Chinese port of Gwadar in Pakistan and the western coast of Myanmar to build two new naval base, not only in India are extremely panic, even the U.S. Navy is also uneasy. By rail, the two are located in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal --- --- just guards the Indian Ocean port of wings will connect western China. Their success will enable China to avoid the construction of a narrow and perilous Strait of Malacca.

In the 1990s, China is still a net oil exporter. Today, China's industrialization and mass obsession with the car, make it dependent on the Middle East and African oil. China's oil supply lines must be protected, especially once the war with India on the occasion. India during the war to intercept China's oil imports is not a secret. Presence of the U.S. fleet in the Gulf region will do so.

Therefore, the growing China, it is imperative to protect the maritime supply lines of strategic preferences. To defend the British Empire is always to promote "the lifeline of the Empire" is the heaven-sent right. As the inheritors of the British Empire, the United States also strongly defend their trade all over the world, oil and spheres of influence. While China inevitably will do so.CHINA MILITARY

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